Lindsey Dearnley on Radio 4. Chesteron ‘We are the people of England that never have spoken yet’

BBC Radio 4 Monday 13th February. Patrick Wright in his series ‘The English Fix’ discusses the plight of the English working class now faced with immigration, unemployment, and loss of culture and identity. Wright maintains this is not a new problem it occurred during the struggle between ‘Little Englanders’ and international liberals over the Boer War. He then follows by discussing the theme of G K Chesterton’s poem ‘Secret People’ – ‘We are the people of England that never have spoken yet’ in relation to Brexit. With the exception of the Salisbury Review journalist Liz Dearnley, who gets the last word, the programme which at times descends into parody, is a pained discussion between middle class liberals about the English working classes’ decision to vote Britain out of the EU thus depriving them of three decades of free luncheon vouchers.

It can be heard here.

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