Jane Kelly worked for the Daily Mail for 15 years as a leading celebrity interviewer. Among her subjects were; Hilary Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Russel Crowe, George Clooney, Michael Portillo, Tony Benn, Jeffrey Archer, Edwina Curry, Scarlett Johansson, Arthur Scargill, Vanessa Redgrave and Elizabeth Taylor. She has written two books; a biography of Colin Farrell, and ‘Inside’ an account of working as a teacher in Wormwood Scrubs Prison, London.

Jane Kelly: Storm Doris

23rd February 2017 2

We’re British, let’s panic, about everything Today is Doris Day.  A woman called Helen Chivers, not Shivers as she should be, from the Met Office has just been on R4 telling us that giving human […]

Troll Land

10th October 2016 3

Today, Monday 10/10/2016 is World Porridge Day, it also marks the start of ‘Hate Crime Awareness Week.’ Sadly I don’t eat porridge but I have just had a belly full of hate. My reckless descent […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s New Britain

29th September 2016 4

Jeremy Corbyn, fresh from his victory being voted in as party leader by his 500,000 mainly young, vociferous, largely female fanship, announced at the Labour Conference in Liverpool today, 28/09/16 his plans on the great […]

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