Dr Donald Trumplove

19th February 2017 6

Donald Trump reminds me of General Ripper in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Dr Strangelove.’ Ripper issues a ‘no recall’ order to the nuclear Boeing B52 bombers under his command at Burpleston Airbase in South Carolina to attack […]

Overturning the Religion of the 20th Century

12th January 2017 11

Fred Hoyle, Plumian Professor of Astrophysics and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge in 1958, and an atheist, made many enemies as a result of his opposition to Darwinism which was the religion of the day. He and […]

Donald Trump’s Fargo Moment ?

12th November 2016 4

Any Brit who has spent time in America will have met a Donald Trump. He might take a seat next to you on the Red Eye from Boston to New York wearing one of those suits.  Unless […]

Grammar Schools; A General Election Matter?

11th September 2016 1

The prospect of a grammar school in every city in Britain terrifies a middle class left entrenched in privilege and wealth. Grammar schools represent a golden age in British education when a bright working class […]

Brexit; The Robes of a King

14th June 2016 0

In her book, ‘The Suicide of Europe’, Ingrid Detter de Frankopan, the distinguished European jurist who held the Chair of International Law at Stockholm University, warns us of the danger we run if we vote […]

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