Same old Frogland

25th April 2017 0

In an uncertain world, it’s reassuring to fortify oneself with a few truisms such as All Cows Eat Grass, All Men Are Mortal and All Entries For The Eurovision Song Contest Are Bound To Be […]

Leading Archbishop endorses Trump

4th April 2017 2

It is encouraging to read that George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002), has suggested that Donald Trump might be a “good Samaritan” for the dispossessed American working class – the millions scorned, neglected and betrayed by the […]


28th January 2017 2

Shall we ever comprehend the mystery of evil as exemplified at Auschwitz and in the Germans’ slaughter of six million Jews in Europe? The Holocaust has taxed our brains, baffled our imagination and poisoned our […]

Not the religion of peace and love…

7th January 2017 7

(Peter Mullen’s answer to Imam Qari Asim’s article in the Yorkshire Post) (“We must all unite…”) stands in need of considerable correction. Indeed, his statements are so at odds with the facts as to be laughable – […]

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