Labour’s Mad Hatter Economics

16th May 2017 0

 Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the Labour party’s manifesto will include a promise to gather together a great many £billions in high denomination notes and throw them all on the fire. Not literally, but their […]

Back to Marie Antoinette

15th May 2017 4

It is a commonplace of modern social thought that western societies are dividing into two opposite castes: those who are doing well (and whose children will do well) and those who are being left behind […]

Britain’s Free Free range Windmills

9th May 2017 1

Theresa May is turning out to be a Red Tory who takes her economic policies from Ed Miliband. When Labour pledged a cap on energy prices at the 2015 general election, this policy was rightly […]

‘Yes we can do nothing’

8th May 2017 0

We hear a lot of analysis of recent and forthcoming elections: which disappointed voters chose Trump in November, why Macron’s policies appeal to France, is Merkel leader of the free world, and so on. Even […]

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