Degrees of Garbage

13th April 2017 5

Sage Journals –  Glaciers, gender, and science A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research Mark Carey, M. Jackson, Alessandro Antonello, Jaclyn Rushing First Published January 10, 2016  Abstract Glaciers are key icons of […]

Did Big Pharma Push China’s One-Child Policy?

13th April 2017 1

Beijing is reversing its one-child policy. Effective from 1st January this year, the State allows each couple a second child. Two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, I was collected from Tiananmen Square in an official’s […]

Men Flak; Mansplaining

9th April 2017 4

Men are irritating, that goes without saying. I’m often irked by their unpleasant little ways; on crowded trains the egregious sprawling and spreading of the legs, often clad in shorts. I once asked a young […]

Trump is lured into support of ISIS.

8th April 2017 11

Whoever mounted the Sarin gas attack in Syria has achieved every single objective ISIS can ever have wished for. Each absolutely contrary to the interests, even the survival of the Assad regime. 1.The Russians have suspended the inter airforce agreement […]

The Rich are Different

7th April 2017 1

We like to imagine that the entire population is deeply attached to the rule of law: in other words, that arbitrary government is alien to rulers and ruled alike, and that retrospective legislation, say, is […]

Health and Safety

7th April 2017 0

I don’t lead a reckless life these days but I have managed to have a few runs in or perhaps swim ins with the Gods of Health & Safety. I recently got into a swimming […]

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