Did you know you were a loan shark?

10th April 2014 0

Last week I had occasion to visit one of the poorest parts of Britain known to me. I have been to other, much poorer parts of the world, of course, but somehow the poorest areas […]

The Church of Engels?

21st March 2014 2

I’ve seen some correspondence among my fellow believing Christians in what’s left of the Church of England in which they declare that they are dismayed by the determination of the powers-that-be to “fast track” the […]

Toffs versus Vulgar Meritocrats

7th March 2014 0

Columnist Jemima Lewis, aka Mrs Dimbleby, is an interesting example perhaps of the way newspapers have changed over the last twenty years, and reflects something of how society has shifted too, from vulgar meritocracy of […]

NHS Promotion Carousel

20th November 2013 0

A small item in a recent edition of the British Medical Journal unintentionally revealed the state of modern England. When MP’s asked the Chief Executive of NHS England, Sir David Nicholson, how many managers had […]

Signed Off

23rd September 2013 0

I have reached an age when only irritation prevents me from sinking into somnolence or mental torpor but fortunately there is no shortage of stimuli in the modern world to irritate me. Fortunately also, I […]

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