All the devil has to do to win is to convince us he does not exist

8th March 2017 1

Don’t imagine that we live in a society which has abandoned the Ten Commandments. It’s much worse than that. We have actually kept the Commandments but inverted their teaching. This amounts to practical satanism: we are effectually saying, “Evil be thou my good.” To be specific: God said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Western societies have rewritten … [Read on]

How to be a PC creep

5th March 2017 4

There was a time in my life, many years ago, when people were not expected to boast about their accomplishments: indeed, they were expected not to boast about their accomplishments. Self-praise was regarded as no praise; indeed, someone who praised himself was thought to be a bad character. These days, however, boasting and the expression of self-satisfaction are essential to … [Read on]

Immigrants; Cleaning jobs attract 50 applicants

3rd March 2017 3

The house has been awfully quiet since I sold the TV. When the license renewal letter landed on the doormat, I only had two options available: Either borrow the money, or sell the box and be rid. Ironically, the sale raised just enough money to cover the license itself. In truth, I had been watching it less and less. The … [Read on]

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