Labour could win the General Election

17th May 2017 1

Labour’s chances of winning the General Election have improved enormously since their offer of free university tuition, bringing in rent control, taxing the rich and nationalising the railways. You may scoff but Corbyn had the same chance of winning the leadership contest for Labour as Trump had to become President, but unlike Trump he is seen by almost everybody as a decent if … [Read on]

Ian Brady

17th May 2017 3

Just over twenty years ago I published a short, fictional self-justification of a serial killer. Shortly thereafter, Ian Brady (who died recently as one of the most unlamented men in the world) published his autobiography. I was asked to review it by the Sunday Telegraph. I was surprised, gratified and horrified to discover how closely Brady’s book and mine coincided. … [Read on]

Labour’s Mad Hatter Economics

16th May 2017 0

 Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the Labour party’s manifesto will include a promise to gather together a great many £billions in high denomination notes and throw them all on the fire. Not literally, but their policies amount to the same. Labour will raise taxes for the better off – despite the fact that every piece of research ever conducted on the subject … [Read on]

Back to Marie Antoinette

15th May 2017 4

It is a commonplace of modern social thought that western societies are dividing into two opposite castes: those who are doing well (and whose children will do well) and those who are being left behind (and whose children will be left even further behind). This thought is common both to left and right: they differ mainly in the supposed causes … [Read on]

May will deliver a Brexit as soft as a lightly boiled egg

14th May 2017 3

Behold, I show you two mysteries: the one mystery the greater and the other mystery the less. The lesser mystery is of why the Daily Telegraph is so enamoured of Theresa May. This mystery is only partly explained by the fact that the Telegraph has sacked so many of its intelligent writers – including, by the looks of the layout, the grammar … [Read on]

Cyber Attacks on NHS? Whitehall is the main hacker

14th May 2017 0

Government has been quick to reassure us that patient files have not been broken into during the present cyber hacking crisis. That is true of the cyber hackers. The real hackers are in Whitehall. A year or two ago patients were invited to opt out of medical record sharing, but civil servants ‘were not able to implement the necessary codes  leaving your medical notes … [Read on]

Labour Manifesto on Immigration – what it really means.

11th May 2017 1

There will be no curbs on immigration either from the EU or from outside of it. Jeremy Corbyn (voting record) has stated that the only solution to immigration is the economic improvement of the countries migrants come from and he is therefore unsympathetic to migration controls. All migrants who ask will be given houses which have their rents and tenancies fixed and from which it … [Read on]

Britain’s Free Free range Windmills

9th May 2017 1

Theresa May is turning out to be a Red Tory who takes her economic policies from Ed Miliband. When Labour pledged a cap on energy prices at the 2015 general election, this policy was rightly rubbished by the Tories – because such manipulations of the market always end up in higher prices in the long run. Anyone but a blockhead, or … [Read on]

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