Skin Creams: A whiter shade of racism

26th June 2020 10

The latest manifestation of the collective soul searching induced by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has revealed the Western world to be built on and all whites to be racists, is the move from cosmetics firms to reassess their product lines and marketing strategies. So, we hear from the BBC News website in a report by Lora Jones [] … [Read on]

Our politicians are not listening, time to throw them out.

25th June 2020 24

Everyone remembers a great teacher. One explanation might be the rarity of such people; another, that great teaching doesn’t feel like teaching, but something closer to immersion. It is disheartening therefore that the great governmental euphemism of our age may well be, ‘lessons must be learned’, which rather suggests learning is not taking place at all. In the aftermath of … [Read on]

How BLM will convert Britain into a grasser’s society

24th June 2020 34

A radical Maoist group called Black Lives Matter has seized control of the public conscience by defining anybody who is not white as a member of an exploited class and white male society as the – albeit unwitting – exploiting class. In consequence if you are white, especially a man, and oppose BLM then you are in danger of being … [Read on]

BLM is white man’s business

21st June 2020 15

Silence speaks louder than words. Nonchalantly, Peter Hitchens strolled through the cobbled streets of Oxford University, pursued by a baying mob. Dozens of students, a multicultural mix, were led by a young black woman hollering with menace through a megaphone. A cinematic production would have looked down from high, showing the honey-stone quads and dreaming spires, and the man who … [Read on]

No ‘kneed’ for BLM politics in football

21st June 2020 13

Like many on Wednesday night, I turned on the television to watch Manchester City versus Arsenal to enjoy once again the escapism of football. Inevitably though, reality kicked in. The Black Lives Matter campaign became the political football in the build up coverage from the off, the game itself an almost insignificant background event. Football become a purely political platform.  … [Read on]

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