Girlie shrieks versus the stutter of AK47s

On line there are heart stopping images from Syria showing hands, feet and faces smashed to pieces, eyes gouged out, and one young man being castrated. It’s almost an equivalent of Nazi activity in occupied Europe, the effects are going to last for years and years.

Here in the UK we are preoccupied with the question of whether a fat, lonely man did or didn’t put his hand onto the knee of a harpie. Another harpie, aged about 40, accused him of asking her to go upstairs with him, (drink had been taken) she was so upset by this offer that she ran home and rang up her father for help.

All are still alive, no stairs or anything else was mounted, no hand got as far as any elastic, but this matter is now national debate and may destroy what purported to be a political party.

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