Eastern Europeans – easy target?

All the hullabaloo about Eastern European immigrants makes me a bit uneasy. The United Kingdom is a very overcrowded island but it’s the big cities that are the most overcrowded of all. My gripe is that Eastern Europeans have become an easy target, the kind of folk for whom the average bloke can freely fulminate against without repercussions.

The principle of free movement of people within the EU was always going to be on the agenda. Those who could not foresee an eventual migration from East to West are either blinkered or dull. As ever, there’s a sub-text to the media rant. I suspect what the press is really saying is this: ‘Enoch Powell was probably right in much of what he said about black and Asian immigration into the UK, the fact that such large numbers would be difficult to assimilate and that there would be tensions as a result. But we’re no longer allowed to mention that. So how can we recognise the ‘problem’ without being accused of racism? Let’s go for Eastern Europeans – specifically the Bulgarians and Romanians – who come from little countries.’

Brits colonise other countries too. Many Brits go to southern Europe and reside there, turning places into little Britain. I lived in the Algarve for several years. We always heard more English spoken in supermarkets around Albufeira than in central London. Of course, you constantly hear the stuff that these people are not on welfare and net contributors to the economy. Well, many elderly Brits can use state-run hospital services in Portugal and Spain; there is a reciprocal agreement.

White Eastern Europeans are likely to prove more assimilable into the UK than other immigrants in the past. Big differences exist between European countries in terms of language and culture but essentially there are enough similarities not to make such relocation too much of a stretch. For blacks and Asians it was always going to be harder because they faced more discrimination and because they were badly represented by a succession of militant leaders (both black and white but always of the far left) who indoctrinated them that ‘whitey’ was fundamentally bad and should be treated as the enemy. They became a pawn in the struggle against white capitalism, racism, colonialism, imperialism and apartheid. It took a long time, for example, before some brave black voices conceded that aspects of youth under-achievement could be related to core values within the culture of the black community itself – not just prejudice.

The press is always keen to point out that the perpetrator of an egregious act – whether a grisly murder or elaborate benefit fraud – was a Bulgarian, Romanian or Lithuanian. Yet, when Lee Rigby was killed, nobody was willing to consider the possibility that his killers hated him not only because he was a soldier but also because he was white. Would Lee Rigby have been killed if he’d been a black off-duty soldier? Was Lee Rigby the white Stephen Lawrence? We can’t prove it but how much of the drip drip of anti-white hatred had infected the barbarians who killed him?

If the UK pulls out of the EU there will be pressure to withdraw citizenship from those new citizens who have been granted the right to live and work in the UK. This is not feasible or fair. You can’t give someone the right to live and work in a country one minute and then withdraw it the next.

And I’d need a lot of convincing before I was willing to believe that Eastern European criminality in the UK surpassed what we already see from British born descendants of immigrants as well as the white urban underclass. I can only repeat again. Sofia is far safer than either London or indeed any British city of a comparable size.

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