Anorexia, the highest state of grace of the 21st century

26th January 2015 0

The economics of fashion shows, like those of football, are to me mysterious. The majority of football clubs make a loss, sometimes a substantial one, yet they continue to play their players millions, the wage bill being by far their principal cost. I can only surmise that such clubs are elaborate tax avoidance schemes. The peculiarity of fashion shows is … [Read on]

Vulgar Celebrities

24th January 2015 1

In Britain, the use of vulgar language by the rich, famous and privileged has long been meant as a sign of attempted political rectitude. The reasoning is as follows: if the people use vulgar language and I use vulgar language, I am of the people, notwithstanding my wealth, fame and privileges. Hence I can hang on to them with a … [Read on]


20th January 2015 0

What does this chart tell you? It tells you that it doesn’t matter which party is in power, avoidable deaths and disease – the purpose of any health service – have declined spectacularly since 1990. These are due to improvements in medical technology, public health and the ban on smoking. A juggernaut of scientific advance that has swept aside all attempts by ministers, … [Read on]

Is Paris worth a pensioner’s dog?

3rd January 2015 0

The modern political class does not want the electorate to have a sense of the tragic dimension of human existence: for such a sense would reduce the importance of the political class in the electorate’s eyes. It wants instead the electorate to think that, if only the right politicians were in charge, all would be well: this is the means … [Read on]