Antithickism: Why should an IQ of 80 stop you being a brain surgeon or a judge?

Attending court recently, it suddenly occurred to me just how discriminatory our society is. All the lawyers – the judge, the prosecution and defence barristers – were highly intelligent; the defendant was of only average intelligence, or even below. This is a situation repeated scores of times, day after day, up and down the country.

It is surely time to end this grievous discrimination. The averagely-intelligent (who, given the normal distribution of intelligence, are far more numerous than the highly-intelligent) are grossly under-represented on the bench. So too are the subnormal, the illiterate and semi-literate, the innumerate, the schizophrenic, the demented, the deaf, infants, prisoners and members of other communities, such as the house-breaking, dangerous-driving and drug-dealing communities.

There is only one possible explanation of these gross disparities: that the intelligent have formed a cabal to keep the unintelligent in their so-called place, deny them their rights, and discriminate against them. It would be difficult imagine a more flagrant example of social injustice – and it has been going on for centuries. We must put an end to such obsolete IQ-ism.

Since, as an American senator once said, you can’t get a hog to slaughter itself, it’s time to force change upon the intelligent. It is time for positive discrimination in favour of the unintelligent. Why, after all, should the intelligent (give or take a few professional footballers) have all the best incomes?

It would be easy to bring about social justice in this respect. All we should have to do is administer IQ tests to applicants for well-paid positions and grant those positions to people with IQs of between, say, 80 and 100. There is no need to go to extremes by sacking the intelligent, natural wastage will do. Positive discrimination in favour of the dim will eventually bring about a juster demographic profile of the elite.

To those who reply that they would not want to be operated on by a stupid surgeon, I can only reply that social justice is social justice, and not good surgery. The achievement of such justice requires that we all be prepared to make sacrifices for it: a botched operation is a small price to pay for the satisfaction of knowing that surgeons are demographically representative of the population as a whole.

Of course, in some areas of national life it seems as if a more just distribution of levels of intelligence in higher positions has already taken place.

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