The European Convention for the Destruction of National Sovereignty

mylesharrisDavid Cameron’s proposal to fine or imprison landlords who rent to illegal immigrants is a contemptuous PR ploy. He and his advisors know full well that any attempt to turn somebody out of his house will be instantly overturned by judges as a breach of an immigrant’s human rights under the European Convention. We will be heavily fined. Cameron also knows it will take at least two months for the first case to come to court to be overturned by which time the start of autumn in the Pas De Calais will see the migrants largely disperse, as they do, and public attention turn elsewhere. That the worst Prime Minister since Neville Chamberlain could do this shows the utter disdain he feels for his fellow citizens.

Cameron has also deceived us by promising Britain its own Convention of Human Rights with some of the provisions of the European Convention removed. Yet you can no more take only bits of the Convention, than you can be a little bit pregnant. You cannot uphold freedom of conscience but deny someone the quiet enjoyment of their property, be it rented or bought. You cannot allow free speech but not freedom of assembly, and so on clause by clause.

This is because underlying the idea of Human Rights is the universal principle, upheld by UN charter, that everybody, from Tierra de Fuego to Hampstead, from Alaska to Siberia, is entitled to all its provisions, including shelter, free speech, privacy and the right to an equal share of the earth’s riches, meaning the riches of whatever country he or she finds himself or herself in. ‘Riches’ in the UK means the NHS, street lighting, a police force, homes for the elderly, education, even free food, clothing and fuel if you have no money because you cannot be bothered to work.

At present we spend our time arguing over which crumbs of the treaty we can give to newcomers, but that is just the beginning. It is the dream of every radical that under the provisions of the European Convention and the UN Charter, every citizen of the world should be able to live where he wants – that Britain in particular should be turned into either a paradise of equality or a monstrous slum, comprising a Calcutta, Damascus and Kinshasa rolled into one. Slowly the radicals are realising their dream of the Great Slum.

Every minute we delay withdrawing from treaties involving human rights, is a minute in which more of our country is being given away. National Sovereignty should be absolute, and citizenship unavailable to foreigners until we solve the world’s population problems.

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