History Repeats itself. Aug 24th, AD 410 The Third Seige and Sack of Rome by the Goths

“The crime and folly of the court of Ravenna were expiated, a third time, by the calamities of Rome. The king of the Goths, who no longer dissembled his appetite for plunder and revenge, appeared in arms, under the walls of the capital ; and the trembling senate, without any hopes of relief, prepared by a desperate resistance, to delay the ruin of their country. But they were unable to guard against the secret conspiracy of their slaves and domestics ; who either from birth or interest, were attached to the cause of the enemy. At the hour of midnight, the Salarian gate was silently opened, and the inhabitants were awakened by the tremendous sound of the Gothic trumpet. Eleven hundred and sixty-three years after the foundation of Rome, the imperial city, which had subdued and civilized so considerable a part of mankind, was delivered to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia.” Gibbon.

It is hard to estimate the number of migrants arriving in Europe, but as long as the European Convention on Human Rghts (The Lawyers’ Pension Act) remains in force giving virtually automatic citizenship to anybody arriving in Europe and claiming asylum, this flood is unstoppable and will increase. Millions will come.

Large numbers of migrants are not asylum seekers at all. They are well fed, healthy looking young men with access to sums of money you might imagine a desperate asylum seeker could never have. They often quote $2000 to $5000 as the sum they are prepared to pay for the trip from Calais to London. This money is either loaned to them by people smugglers at exorbitant interest rates, or some migrants must have access to legal bank accounts as nobody would be insane enough to carry such sums about in a refugee camp. The alternative is that gangsters have set up a reliable black banking system which migrants have come to trust, more robust than many of Europe’s failing banks. If some migrants are so well off, how poor were they when they left their countries?

There are millions of people all over the world who live in conditions of dire poverty denied all human rights.You will never see them at Calais, lying to immigration officers at Heathrow or Frankfurt, or forcing their way past border guards in Macedonia.©


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