A Profitable Traffic in Misery

Taxi service for illegal migrants ?

The Italian people are renowned for their kindness, generosity and large humanity and currently they are demonstrating this spirit of charity and welcome on an epic scale as their navy has rescued from drowning at sea 150.000 migrants fleeing from instability, poverty and wars all across North Africa and the Middle East. I have just read a report in an Italian newspaper which claims there are 600,000 migrants massing on these African and Middle Eastern shores waiting to find a boat to take them to Europe.

When the migrants – most of whom are impoverished Muslims, of course – land in Italy, they are distributed among refugee camps throughout the country. Others. according to that newspaper report, “…simply wander off and try to make their way north.” As far as Calais, perhaps?

Humanitarian acts are always gallant and praiseworthy, but there is another side to this tale. The migrations are not haphazard but part of a huge and hugely profitable trafficking racket. A typical scenario features the traffickers – or the migrants themselves on phones provided by the racketeers – contacting the Italian naval authorities, giving their position and asking to be picked up.

I wonder if this is the first time such a taxi service has facilitated a massive transfer of populations?

The newspaper reported that “the Italian right” is vociferously objecting to these mass rescues. I wonder also if one has to be a paid up supporter of “the right” to object to this criminal scandal which is in no one’s ultimate interest except that of the traffickers who are being wonderfully enriched?

Well, according to the BBC this morning, the Italian navy is to cease its rescue operations which are in future to be carried out “…in a joint operation organised by the EU.”

Thus racketeering is to be supported and the illegal immigration of tens of thousands officially legitimated by European governments, including ours.

Is this a good thing?

I only asked.


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