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 Editor Myles Harris
Editor Myles Harris

This November a crowd watching a ‘friendly’ football match in Istanbul between Greece and Turkey booed and chanted ‘Allah Akbar’ during a minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris attacks. Allowing for the yobbishness of football fans worldwide and a long history of antagonism between Greek and Turk it still shows how little sympathy the west can expect from the Middle East over the Paris atrocities. The general view in the souks and bazaars is ‘they deserved it’ while many believe that everything from the Twin Towers to the Paris massacre was ‘false flag’ operations by the CIA and Mossad. We too have our delusions. In the recent house of Commons debate on the bombing of Syria, the general consensus on both Conservative and Labour benches was that the rise of ISIS was in no way linked with the chaos caused by the second Gulf War. Oil, it appears, is thicker than blood.

Such divided loyalties place the million Muslims admitted to Britain by the Labour Party as a treatment for what they called the ‘disease’ of racism from 1997 in a difficult position. Like most immigrants, they know now their life is here while still being loyal to the ‘old country’ even if it is, like Pakistan, a pariah state run by psychopaths and crooks, or Afghanistan where murder is a sport akin to Football League. Never the less Islam has become to many pious Muslims their sole moral compass in western society where to their horror, young British women, by the more civilised standards of Islam, effectively go about wearing no clothes, sex among unbelievers appears to have no more significance than shaking hands, and large numbers of young westerners spend their time drugged out of their minds in a society where if you don’t work and get as many women pregnant as possible the state will still feed and house you. Even more mysterious are the moral homilies of the west’s leaders who while preaching non-violence and peace, fund the most terrifying war machines the world has seen. Enter the Stealth Bomber, Cruise and the Reaper Drone.

This has sowed confusion, sometimes amounting to psychosis, in the minds of many young Muslims who, urged to be ‘British’ and both attracted and repelled by the way the infidel lives, often give in to its temptations only to be filled with bitter remorse. Enter the phenomenon of the drug addict urban bomber crying ‘Allah Akbar’ as he pulls the detonation ring of his suicide vest.

Despite this the racial doctors of the left recommend a further round of therapy. The 10,000 refugees a day now streaming into Europe are to be welcomed without question, even if among them are those who would transplant an entire failed way of life, complete with street fighting, jihadism and corruption, into Europe. Aided by the BBC which censors details of the brutal realities of Islamic life in the Middle East, such societies will grow vigorously in our democratic soil. Sending them back is never contemplated. So when Poland’s Foreign Minister suggested that the thousands of young Syrian men, now sipping coffee in our cafes and texting on mobile phones paid for by us, be formed into an army and sent back to retake their country he was laughed at. Europe, declared the therapists, needs these refugees as a corrective.

This will go on as long as migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece are admitted as ‘refugees’ under EU rules. They are not. Refugees are supposed to ask for asylum in the first country they come to, so every refugee arriving in Greece and refused to claim asylum there could be shipped in good conscience back to Turkey on one of the large ferries now used to ship them further into the Greece.

Turkey doesn’t want refugees. They are expensive, ($7 billion a year), upset local economies, and stoke local Muslim fanaticism. It is why in Izmir, Turkey’s people smuggling capital, the government security directorate lives comfortably across the road from the largest people smuggling operation in the country.

However given enough money to outbid her own people smugglers and drug runners Turkey would co-operate. She has already offered to set up a buffer zone 80km wide along the entire Turkey/Syria border, which could be used ‘as an area for the voluntary return of refugees’, incidentally splitting two arms of the Kurdish rebels fighting in eastern Turkey and Syria. In addition a clamp down on drug smuggling plus a European and US travel ban on Saudi and Qatari nationals, major sources of ISIL’s funds, would go a long way to putting them out of business.

But the dying EU lacks the will. Schengen is dead and its leaders failed to buy off African immigration at its recent Malta conference. When the magic curse of ‘colonialism’ was uttered by greedy African politicians who then asked for twice the money the white delegates fled. It is plainly time for sauve qui peut. Instead of David Cameron wasting his time touring the capitals of Europe negotiating Britain’s non-exit.

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