Theodore Dalrymple. Fag ends flock together

28th February 2016 0

I know because the other day I went litter-picking round our local hospital. Among the most frequently encountered items were used car-park tickets. It would be an interesting experiment to compare the rate at which they were discarded before and after they were inscribed with the registration numbers of the cars on the tickets. In my career as a volunteer … [Read on]


28th February 2016 0

You might be forgiven for thinking that if we vote to leave the EU in June, it will happen. Of course we expect some foot stamping in Brussels, but within a year Britain would be out of the EU, trading on its own, restricting immigration, even talking about withdrawing from the International Court of Human Rights – not an EU … [Read on]

The Business End of Blagging

18th February 2016 0

Economics is a difficult subject and I don’t understand it. Take armed robbery, for example: does it stimulate or retard the economy? The question arose in my mind when I went with my neighbour recently to a jeweller’s shop. My neighbour wanted his expensive watch repaired but to enter the shop we had to pass through a kind of airlock … [Read on]

French speling is wurse

9th February 2016 0

We laugh at the French Academy’s tinkering with French orthography to make it easier for the poor children to spell (I predict that it will make no difference), but something far more sinister is happening in English: more sinister because it is not an identifiable institution that is at work, but a shadowy social force that is difficult to combat. … [Read on]

Equalities; The King Herod Solution

2nd February 2016 0

Awful, terrible news! I noticed a small item in last week’s British Medical Journal that once again revealed the cruel and callous nature of patriarchy. Under the headline Fall in Death Rate we learn that ‘Between 2009 and 2015 deaths from leukaemia in children have fallen by 38 per cent in boys and 20 per cent in girls.’ That was … [Read on]