Theodore Dalrymple; Bah Humbug!

23rd May 2016 1

Like vintage wine, high-flown sentiment should be kept for special occasions rather than brought out on every possible occasion, especially when it consists mainly of humbug, as it usually does. We are surrounded by it, in fact, mentally suffocated by it. I picked up a pencil the other day and this is what was inscribed   on it:     About … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Sell your birthright for 50p

19th May 2016 1

No doubt we all use dubious arguments to defend our cherished ideas but those in the leaflet from the Britain in Europe (The ‘in’ campaign) Ltd. that was pushed through my door today were particularly weak or dishonest. In the first place they were all economistic in nature. There was nothing about the constitutional problems of ‘ever-closer union,’ problems that would … [Read on]

EU Referendum? Its a ‘no brainer’

13th May 2016 7

Despite Brussels’ protestations that the EU Referendum is a once-only offer, if Britain votes ‘out’ the EU will be forced to come cap in hand asking us to reconsider. We are the fifth largest economy in the world and unlike Brussels (23 years trying conclude a trade deal with the US and still trying) we hold an open door both culturally and financially to the entire globe. Without … [Read on]

Race & Faith; The Deafening Silence. Trevor Phillips (Civitas)

10th May 2016 2

Race & Faith. For more than half a millennium, Britain has managed diversity through a process of organic integration, with newcomers and their traditions gradually absorbed into the culture. But in this new age of ‘superdiversity’, with more people of very different backgrounds arriving in greater numbers than ever before, is that enough? [pullquote]“Rome may not yet be in flames, but … [Read on]

The Pleasures of Resentment; Theodore Dalrymple

7th May 2016 5

Is the US Treasury anti-Semitic, anti-Italian, anti-German, anti-Polish, anti-Irish, anti-Catholic, anti- many other groups that could be named, none of whose descendants has ever appeared on an American banknote? Hitherto, those that have appeared have all been old dead white males, such as Washington and Lincoln. This is all to change now: Harriet Tubman, the black abolitionist and suffragist, is … [Read on]

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