The Kiss of the Whip. Multiculturalism, a variant of self harm?

Hamburg politician welcomes the day when Germans are in the minority in Germany.

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8 Comments on The Kiss of the Whip. Multiculturalism, a variant of self harm?

  1. It always interests me after hearing people like Dr von Berg as to why she thinks mankind is any different now from how it has been since creation. A glance at history would inform her that different peoples do not live well together. And the reasons they don’t are the same today as they always have been.
    Unless of course you subscribe to the view that the Human Rights Act, Trades Unions and civil partnerships put paid to all of that.

    • Well put, Tom Malcolm (and the other commentators).

      One of the core issues in what passes for debate on this subject — an issue that is never addressed because, for the (so-called) liberal left, it is an axiomatic presupposition — is that human nature is essentially good. From that immediately flows the idea that society can be shaped into a perfection defined by the norms of whoever adheres to the axiom. Groups that have thought like this make an interesting collection: the Chinese Red Guards, the Khymer Rouge, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party . . .

      An interesting and frustrating thing about Dr von Berg and her ilk is that they invariably deny they think that way. But that’s because their axiom blinds them to realities about the human condition that are much more uncomfortable than the Utopias to which they aspire.

  2. Britain, say left liberals, ‘Has always been multicultural’. Demographic maps showing the various tides of people who have washed up on our shores over the centuries demonstrate it beyond doubt

    It is a lie. Despite waves of invasion, our genetic ties to the landscape remain intact. Mitochondrial DNA from West Yorkshire women (that will be partly me) have the oldest presence in England, we arrived from Spain after the last Ice Age 9000 years ago. Staying in one place, where we have been for four or five generations, we have accumulated layers of oral history that Green Party, privileged, travelling, middle class, turkey necked women such as Stefanie Von Berg are determined to steal from us

    Why would they want to? The Dr Von Bergs of this world have always ruled and today, and as vast tides of people from Arabia flood into Europe, leftist radicals want to be on the winning side and that side is Islam. What they fail to understand is just how rooted indigenous people are to the landscape, and how much history there is in peoples’ minds.

    A church demolished means layers of multigenerational oral history will go with it. My primary school was demolished this week. I can’t bear to look at the empty space. Next to it, on the space that used to be the running field, they’ve built a new school – bigger, squarer and more like a Soviet Lego block. It is in schools like this that our children wil be taught by the Greens and their allies to hate themselves and their history.

    To simply think that people like Dr Von Berg can steal these things from people in the name of multiculturalism and that all can all be swept aside labelling anybody a racist and a bigot merely because they object to their history dying around them is the worst kind of condescending bigotry imaginable.

  3. The Dr Von Bergs of this world, the ‘Von’ says it all, are merely making sure they will have the same positions of power they had in a Judaeo Christian culture but in an Islamic one. You can see it on her petulant, resentful face cavitated by years of Muesli eating

  4. We are reaching extremes of anti-nationalist hysteria, every bit as pathological, doctrinaire and destructive as nationalism. The comparison is indeed with self-harm – otherwise known as masochism; and what the masochist forgets is that in allowing others to injure him with impunity, he is “ipso facto” propagating sadism. It is the narcissist’s mistake to think that because the pain is your own it has no moral significance, or that you have the right to suspend that moral significance.