The € – WRONG THEN – WRONG NOW – the E.U.

Leading Big Business figures and politicians now claim the EU is vital to our prosperity. But we remember when they all said joining the Euro was vital for British prosperity. They are so EU-blinkered that we can’t trust their judgement.

Thank goodness we didn’t listen. What a disaster that would have been!


Lord Peter Mandelson

“Until we come off the fence over joining the Euro . . . we will slip backwards in Europe.”

FACT: since then our economy has grown while theirs stagnated.

Lord Michael Heseltine

“Our non-membership of the Eurozone is threatening great swathes of British Industry.”

FACT: since then, unemployment in Europe has soared.

Roland Rudd – Business for New Europe, Chair of Finsbury Group

“Business Leaders appreciate the success of the Euro over its first decade. It has defied the doomsayers who predicted failure.”

Ken Clarke MP

“The Euro has exposed the absurdity of many anti-European scares . . . public opinion is already changing as people can see the success of the new currency.”

Sir Martin Sorrell – CEO of WPP

“If the Government rules out membership of the Euro (it) would be damaging for British-based business.”

FACT: since then UK businesses have grown at a faster rate.

Alex Salmond MP

“Scotland would successfully flourish if the country cut its ties with sterling and embraced the European single currency.”

Nissan CEO – Carlos Ghosn

“Why do you want to take the currency risk with the Pound if you have the possiblity of being risk-free in the Euro?”

Sir Richard Branson

“We cannot be members of the single market without being part of the single currency.”

FACT: since then, our exports to the rest of the World have expanded.

CBI president Sir Clive Thompson

“The majority of firms were very much in support of joining the euro.”

FACT: There is no substance to such statements – then, or now!

Niall Fitzgerald – CEO Unilever

“Britain will float away from being a central part of Europe and lose influence, investment, jobs and economic growth.

Thank goodness we ignored their poor advice a decade ago! It’s time to leave the EU and join the World

It’s time to leave the EU and join the World

Labour LEAVE has been set up and funded by Labour Party supporters to campaign to LEAVE the undemocratic EU. We recognise the Government failed in the ‘re-negotiation’ talks in Brussels to demand any meaningful change. So the UK’s interests are best served in focusing on growth areas outside the EU, rather than ever-shrinking EU markets.

The Chilling Facts

The UK gives Brussels £50m every day. £350m every week. £19bn every year. We get less than half back, but Brussels stops us spending on OUR priorities for jobs in manufacturing, energy, regeneration, agriculture or fisheries.

The strong UK economy and a skilled workforce attract international companies to invest here – not our membership of the EU. The world’s biggest car maker Toyota pledges to stay in the UK after an EU exit.

5 million EU jobs depend on exporting to the UK – £62bn. Our EU trade deficit is £62bn but we have a £27bn trade surplus with the rest of the world. The EU can’t afford a trade war.

EU Agriculture is 1.6% of all EU output, and employs fewer than 5.5% of the population but the Common Agricultural Policy swallows £43bn pa and 40% of the budget. It adds £16 a week to each household’s food bill. (And it dumps food in Africa and impoverishes farmers there.)

We want to take back control over agriculture and fishing.

The UK’s security is best protected by us having our seat on the UN Security Council, and remaining members of NATO, Interpol, OSCE and the OECD – not being tied to the coat tails of Brussels.

The EU supports tax-dodging mulitnationals – Luxembourg has become their tax haven of choice, protected by the European Court.

The EU threatens workers’ rights, promoting zero hours contracts and suspending free collective bargaining.

The EU’s free movement of Labour rules are exploiting UK workers, allowing unscrupulous employers to import cheap labour.

TTIP threatens the NHS, railways, food, environmental safety and banking regulations, opening up public services to US corporations.

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