Roy Kerridge; Pack up your Euros in your old kit bag…

What is the use of worrying if we are to stay or leave ‘Europe’? The damage has already been done. Long before we surrendered our sovereignty, decimal coinage was introduced, immediately causing prices to rise. If we ‘leave Europe’, can we bring back the orchards of Kent and the cod of the North Sea? How can we repair the rift between the generations caused by decimals, kilos, kilometers and what have you? If pounds, shillings and pence, pounds and ounces were brought back the younger generation would be as flummoxed as I am now. Half these awful changes took place before we joined the EU. Questions once asked when the Empire broke up are now once more relevant. Are we ready for self-rule? Can the British now rule themselves?

Is it too early for independence?

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3 Comments on Roy Kerridge; Pack up your Euros in your old kit bag…

  1. “EU action is needed to set the right environment to attract, retain and grow new online platforms innovators.”

    Rotfl, as they say online.

  2. One of the great benefits of Britain being absorbed into the great body of Europe on the 23rd of June is that magazines like the Salisbury Review will be subjected to careful assessment to ensure they obey the proposed press directive which when it becomes law later this year or next will enforce diversity and multiculturalism in the context of a pan European culture. I so welcomed this when it was published.

    For example how many black, gay or transgender writers does the magazine employ? Portraits of historical figures – see Roy Kerridge’s blog – such as Napoleon do not promote the cause of further cultural cohesion.

  3. That’s a key part of the problem; Britain was degenerating long before the EU came along and leaving (which I have just postal voted to do) will in no way whatsoever guarantee that situation changing.

    This isn’t the end. Its not even the beginning of the end. Heck its not even the end of the beginning. Its the first step on a very long journey into a world we gave up a large amount of our capacity to be in when both Labour and Tory governments between 45 and 99 destroyed the Empire in a fit of liberal guilt.

    Getting that back will not be easy, and it certainly will not be achieved by clowns posing as politicians.