Brexit the NHS and TTIP; Tea for two but not for you.

The EU and the US are conducting secret negotiations – in which the European Parliament will have no say – to allow US and European companies to sue national governments if they allow state run organisations such as the NHS to interfere with their profits. This means that if a US company tenders to take over an NHS hospital and can show that it can do it cheaper than the NHS, it will get the contract, provided there are no other competitors offering a cheaper price.  The US has a very bad record in health care. It is not a place to get ill in unless you have a gold plated insurance policy.

TTIP stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Do you remember President Obama mentioning TTIP when he urged British voters to remain in the EU? Of course you didn’t. It was however why he was over here. The $900,000 cost of flying Airforce One to Heathrow for him to lie by omission to the British public was small change in comparison with the profits US corporations will make out of the EU. Ever heard ‘Call me Dave’ mention TTIP?  No? Maybe he is too busy thinking up ways to bully Britain’s pensioners into voting Remain.

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