Brexit; Be careful what you vote for.

Sixty days after a successful ‘Remain’ campaign, amid ever increasing mayhem inside the Tory party, Cameron goes to the Queen and asks her to dissolve parliament. Jeremy Corbyn is returned with a nine seat majority. Within a month he institutes a national (not just London as was originally planned) mansion tax starting at houses over £2,000,000. This time however there is no provision for pensioners to remain in their houses until they die when the tax would be paid out of their estate. This is in line with Marxist principle that, ‘all property, especially that of the petty bourgeois, the ultimate class betrayers, is theft’. It is so high (Labour’s original plan was £12,000 per annum) a fire sale results among those owners who live on fixed pensions. 15% are seized by HMRC and given to the ‘deserving’ poor, mainly immigrants.  This is so popular among the left that the tax is swiftly applied, at lower rates, to houses less than £2,000,000. More and more properties, except those of the super rich, come into public ownership.

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  1. Corbyn and Khan then implement a huge infrastructure project: A Mosque in every village. Using funds from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Britain is working, designing, building – a hub of activity. In Regent’s Park the largest Mosque in the world is planned, Al Masjid Sadiq. Other Mosques will be named after the martyrs of UK: Al Jihad John Mosque, Al Adebolajo wa Adebowale Mosque. The EU is ecstatic as the UK economy is thriving.

  2. I think that it was Proudhon, an anarchist, who said that private property was theft long before Marx was writing. It is therefore not a Marxist principle.