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Roll of Honour. List of politicians murdered or assassinated in England Wales and Scotland.(Wikipedia)

Victim(s) Assassin(s) Notes
293 Carausius, usurper of the Western Roman Empire
946 Edmund I, King of England Stabbed at a banquet
978 Edward the Martyr, King of England
995 Kenneth II, King of Scotland
1100 William Rufus, King of England Walter Tirel Shot in the heart with an arrow, supposedly by accident, but the circumstances remain unclear.
1170 Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury Four knights Stabbed to death in Canterbury Cathedral on the orders of Henry II of England
1306 John III Comyn, Lord of Badenoch Robert the Bruce, Roger de Kirkpatrick
1346 Raghnall Mac Ruaidhrí William III, Earl of Ross Killed at Elcho Priory whilst attending a royal muster on the eve of a Scottish invasion of England.
1381 Robert Hales, Lord High Treasurer Beheaded at Tower Hill by rebels during the Peasants’ Revolt.
1381 Simon of Sudbury, Lord Chancellor, Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of London Beheaded at Tower Hill by rebels during the Peasants’ Revolt.
1381 John Cavendish, Chief Justice of the King’s Bench, Chancellor of the University of Cambridge Beheaded in Bury St Edmunds by rebels during the Peasants’ Revolt.
1437 King James I of Scotland Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl (coup leader),Sir Robert Graham (dealt lethal blow) Killed at Perth on the night of 20–1 February in a failed coup by his kinsman and former ally Walter Stewart.
1452 William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas James II of Scotland
1471 Henry VI of England, King of England Killed in the Tower of London likely on the orders of Edward IV of England.
1488 King James III of Scotland Killed by rebels.
1567 Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, husband of Mary, Queen of Scots Killed at Kirk o’ Field, Edinburgh
1570 James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, Regent of Scotland James Hamilton The first assassination carried out with a firearm.
1628 George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham,Lord High Admiral/royal favourite John Felton Stabbed in Portsmouth whilst planning a second expedition to La Rochelle.
1679 James Sharp, Archbishop of St Andrews Killed in Fife, near St Andrews.
1812 Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John Bellingham The only British prime minister to be assassinated.
1812 Louis-Alexandre de Launay, French diplomat Stabbed to death with a stiletto by his former servant at his home inBarnes. His wife was also killed.
1916 Lord Kitchener, British Field Marshal and Secretary of State for War Killed on the HMS Hampshire after the cruiser struck a mine off Orkney. His body was never recovered. Some claim that Kitchener was deliberately assassinated; Fritz Joubert Duquesne, a German spy, claimed to have orchestrated the sinking of the Hampshire.
June 22, 1922 Henry Hughes Wilson, British field marshal, retired Chief of the Imperial General Staffand Conservative politician[3] Reginald Dunne and Joseph O’Sullivan Killed outside his house in Eaton Square, London, by voluntary members of the Irish Republican Army.
1940 Michael O’Dwyer, former Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab Udham Singh, a Punjabi revolutionary Killed during a speech at Caxton Hall, London.
1973 Paddy Wilson, Social Democratic and Labour Party politician Stabbed to death in Belfast, along with his friend Irene Andrews. SeePaddy Wilson and Irene Andrews killings.
1975 Ross McWhirter, co-author of the Guinness Book of Records and right wing political activist Harry Duggan and Hugh Doherty Killed outside his home in Bush Hill Park, London, by members of theBalcombe Street Gang, both of whom were Irish Republican Armyvolunteers.
1977 Kadhi Abdullah al-Hagri, past prime minister of Yemen Arab Republic Killed in London.
1978 Georgi Markov, Bulgarian dissident Died in London after being attacked with ricin fired from a gun disguised as an umbrella on Waterloo Bridge.
July 9, 1978 Abdul Razak al-Naif, former Prime Minister of Iraq Killed in London
1979 Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, former Governor-General of India Thomas McMahon Killed along with three others while on a fishing trip with his family by a bomb planted onto his boat by McMahon. McMahon was a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, who claimed responsibility for the attack.
1979 Airey Neave, British Conservative politician Car bombing outside Palace of Westminster, by members of the Irish National Liberation Army
1980 John Turnley, SDLP and Irish Independence Party politician UDA Killed while on the way to a political meeting.
1981 Sir Norman Stronge, aristocrat and Northern Irish politician, and his son, Sir James Stronge, aristocrat and Northern Irish politician IRA members Both were killed by members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army at their ancestral home, Tynan Abbey in County Armagh, which the Provisional IRA later set on fire.
1981 Robert Bradford, Unionist MP in Northern Ireland IRA members Murdered during a speech at Finaghy in Belfast.
1982 Shlomo Argov, Israeli Ambassador to theCourt of St. James’s Although Argov survived this assassination attempt, the injuries he sustained in the attack resulted in his death in 2003.
1983 Edgar Graham, Ulster Unionist politician Shot by an IRA gunman outside Queens University Belfast.
1987 George Seawright, Northern Ireland politician IPLO members Killed by the Irish People’s Liberation Organisation in Shankill, Belfast.
1989 Patrick Finucane, solicitor Ken Barrett Killed in Belfast by Ulster Loyalists.
1990 Ian Gow, British Conservative politician IRA members Killed by a car bomb near his house in East Sussex.
1997 Billy Wright, Loyalist Volunteer Force leader INLA prisoners Killed in Maze Prison.
1999 Jill Dando, British television presenter Shot outside her own home in Fulham, London by unknown hand.
2006 Alexander Litvinenko, former FSB officer and critic of Vladimir Putin Unknown figures within the government of Russia Acute radiation syndrome via ingestion of polonium-210. See Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.
2016 Jo Cox, Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen

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