Brexit; Turkish Delight

Source;  Vote leave Take Control.

  • The British public will not get a vote on the accession of Turkey to the EU. The European Union Act 2011 allows the Government to ratify EU accession treaties without a referendum (European Union Act 2011, s. 4(4)(c), link). There was no referendum on the accession of Croatia to the EU in 2013 (European Union (Croatian Accession and Irish Protocol) Act 2013, s. 1, link).
  • Turkey is due to join the EU in the next few years, having already signed a deal with the EU to prepare for accession (European Commission, March 2016, link).
  • It is set to receive over £1 billion of UK funds to help prepare it for membership (Vote Leave, 27 April 2016, link).
  • The new European Council building contains chairs and building space for Turkey when it joins (Daily Mail, May 2016,link).







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2 Comments on Brexit; Turkish Delight

  1. Good luck England.
    Leave and you will be just a history lesson that will never be taught in schools, or should I say madrassas.