Brexin. Vote until you get it left

Over a million and a half signatures have been gathered asking for the EU Referendum to be voted on again. Complainants say that the margin of the Leave side’s victory of less than 20% was too small in a turnout of 75% to properly represent public opinion.

Solution: At birth everybody would be given a social security card containing a voting licence. Guidelines on how to vote would be updated before each election by an independent committee administered by the BBC, CEOs of large industrial companies such as Vodafone, HSBC, Marks & Spencers and BHS, as well as charities like Oxfam, Save The Children, judges and barristers, The Guardian and, for political balance, The New Statesman

Machine readable voting slips would be issued to each polling station containing key questions related to each party’s policies for that election. Each question scored from one to ten.

Q. Are you in favour of leaving the EU ?  Score your answer from (1) to (10) – ‘Extremely favourable’ (1)  ‘Very unfavourable (10).

Q. What is your view of Donald Trump? Score your answer from  (1) to (10) – ‘Gifted politician’ (1) ‘He ought to be arrested’ (10).

Persistently low scores would be picked by a computer which would then issue an invitation to the voter to attend for re-training or lose his licence

Voter training would avoid such things as voters having to petition Parliament for a second referendum over such an obviously correct answer as ‘Remain’. It would be easier for the government to standardise public opinion so it could plan efficiently, and would save lives. As the electorate realised that voter turnout was no longer a deciding factor less and less would vote, thus decreasing the number of traffic accidents suffered by elderly voters walking to the polling stations.

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