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2 Comments on The Left Racial Agenda of the BBC. The real facts about the race killings in America

  1. Lightening striking one is, as far as we know, a chance phenomenon. There are elements of chance, incomplete knowledge, guesses, etc. in police action. That the outcome in question occurs at a rate similar to chance argues against bias. A stronger argument against bias could even be made by considering the conditioning of the event in the case of police action.

    Case perhaps illustrating the point of view of the police. Traveling on vacation in Spain years ago, our car (I, wife, 14 year old daughter) were stopped on the highway because the car license plate was out of position (due to a minor parking bump). The Guardia Civil officer asked for our documents. They were in my safety pouch under my sweater. As I reached to retrieve them the officers all stepped back and made to ready their arms. I explained as politely as possible what I was doing, and in the end received nothing but a stern caution to fix the plate at the first opportunity. Basically this was a situation governed by chance and the officer’s assessment base on limited information. It turned out there had been separatist bombings in two loadstone that day. I could easily have been shot. Tourist lives matter.

  2. These are important stats, but I would like to have them without the distasteful harping on lightning strikes. Lightning is not capable of racial discrimination, humans are.