A £10 charge to attend A & E.

Modern Britain comes to Qatar

I was staggered to learn that only 327,000 people entered Britain last year. Not only are our borders open to all comers but on arrival they find thegraph b ground strewn with roses in the form of a free health service, free housing, free education, subsidised travel and virtually no tax.

It is not surprising that the NHS is falling apart, our railways are collapsing under the weight of passengers, our roads are clogged, homelessness is on the increase and violence rising. The only light in a very dark tunnel are the Poles, by birth now the largest group of migrants ( just overtaking India if you separate migrants from the Indian subcontinent into those from India and Pakistan ) who return a net profit in taxes to the British Treasury.

The general numbers however are still huge.

The cause of Britain’s demise – for that is what this is, the bailiffs are almost in – is narcissism. Since Empire we have deluded ourselves we are the fairest and most just society in the word, that an Englishman keeps his word, and until the world lives under English justice it will never be at peace, and lets face it – we are just better and more wonderful than any foreigner, and however many of them come in, they will never be a match for us. We can feed them, house them, treat them and educate them without limit for ever. There will always be an England.

Well there won’t, not at the rate we are going.

Not as long as our politicians continue to chant such spells as;

‘An NHS free at the point of delivery’

A ‘free’ NHS, like unlimited immigration, is a dream, an economic hallucination. It symbolises everything that is mad and wrong about us. It is time we woke up.

We can break this spell by imposing a £10 charge without exception on all visits to the Accident and Emergency Departments of our hospitals. A & E visits are by their nature one off events, so here is no question of a recurring charge. The charge would not apply to those with a GPs’ letter or arriving by ambulance.

If any of our socialist friends feels strongly about any hardship it might impose on the poor, they can sacrifice a bottle of wine a week and send the money to put in a kitty for them at their local hospital. Oxfam can arrange the details.

The author is a practicing doctor

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3 Comments on A £10 charge to attend A & E.

  1. Isn’t this really deflection tho? The problem is the lack of borders. Screwing up all our lives, and leaving our children with appalling problems, rather than evicting all the cheap labour, is not a solution.

  2. At the time of the so-called Tottenham Outrage in 1909 a newspaper, the Leamington Spa Courier, ran an investigation into how thoroughly the government was implementing the Aliens Act. Not very well, according to their findings. Accompanying this article was a poem in which the composer claimed that the problem the English had towards immigrants was not anything like racism or xenophobia, as it is claimed to be the case regarding immigration today. The composer’s view was, as he put it, that ‘a nation that treats foreigners like pets/ deserves all it gets’.