The Alt-right: A number of them are only interested in seeing the world burn

30th November 2016 20

[pullquote]The December paper edition of The Salisbury Review Magazine is out now. Fifty pages of intelligent and original articles, book reviews, science and the arts. Subscribe. Also a Digital Version. (All Platforms) [/pullquote]It isn’t surprising that the words `alt-right` have burst into the mainstream with a chatter of panic this week, If Trump’s appointing of Steve Bannon as a CEO wasn’t enough to worry … [Read on]

A New Mental Disorder; Trumpsteria.

26th November 2016 1

Bush Derangement Syndrome. A mental disorder first described by Charles Krauthammer in 2003 in which victims suffered an acute onset of paranoia about George W Bush; A conviction that all the evil in the world was due to him, from wars to the failure of the victim’s local supermarket to stock hypoallergenic turkeys. The Salisbury Review is proud to announce in 2016 the discovery of … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; “The Starry Heavens above and the Moral Law within.”

24th November 2016 3

On Thanksgiving, Abraham Lincoln urged the American people to offer, “Thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens.” Barak Obama omitted all mention of “God” or “prayer” in his message to the nation. By contrast, Donald Trump declared America “blessed,” referred to “my prayer” and ended with “God bless you all. God bless America.” I just … [Read on]

Lindsey Dearnley; Down at the Job Centre.

15th November 2016 8

The only thing still recognisable about the job centre are the security guards. Despite the changes to the world at large, since my last visit nine years ago the native population had not advanced enough to do away with them. A toothless drunk smelling of sour unwashed skin and rotted damp clothing stood in the doorway ogling a young black woman smoking a cigarette.   He … [Read on]

Mark Mantel; The Smallness of Trump?

15th November 2016 2

Is Mr. Trump great-souled or small? Can he be ruffled by a tweet? Is he subject to the whisperings of an Iago? Does Washington need such an outsider? Might the qualities that make Trump good in business prove a tragic liability in the political world? All the above. Trump is both larger and smaller than most of our recent presidents. … [Read on]

Patricia Morgan; Float or sink – the witch will die.

14th November 2016 2

A friend and I wondered whether we should report all the gropes we experienced over our lives to the Grand Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry. Some of the offenders may have to be hauled out of their coffins. There was that man in a raincoat who peered through the school railings on hockey days. Hairdressers hired us as Saturday girls hoping … [Read on]

Donald Trump’s Fargo Moment ?

12th November 2016 4

Any Brit who has spent time in America will have met a Donald Trump. He might take a seat next to you on the Red Eye from Boston to New York wearing one of those suits.  Unless your money is so old it has Abraham Lincoln’s fingerprints on it, America is a classless society which means, unlike Britain where the wrong sports … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; Thickos of the world Unite

10th November 2016 3

D’you remember how the metropolitan elite said we voted for Brexit because we’re thick? Well now the American branch of this elite is saying the same of those who voted for Trump, describing these poor, afflicted and unenlightened citizens as “low information types.” That’s what we thickos call “thick.” Moreover, we thickos can’t be expected to pull our socks up. … [Read on]

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