The Supreme Court; Whigs in Wigs

Picture ( Hamburg Parliament delegate announces the end of the nation state)

Just what authority do these superannuated pseudo-patricians on the Supreme Court think entitles them to subvert the will of the people? These Whigs in wigs are nothing but a sinecures metropolitan elite; conscienceless men who presume to set themselves up as guardians of the nation’s conscience.

In the referendum the people declared that they do not wish to be governed by a foreign power.

“The Queen’s Majesty hath the chief power in this Realm of England.” (Article XXXVII of The Thirty-nine Articles).

The Remainers boast their high-mindedness, their exalted sense of democracy and even a wider humanity. But what is democratic or humane about choosing to be governed by unelected Commissioners, the apparatchiks of a corrupt regime which has not even signed off its accounts for nineteen years? They tell us that without access to the single market Britain will hit the economic buffers. But the EU is not a common market: it is an introverted customs union which, on pain of sky-high tariffs, prevents us from trading with the wider world.

The diktats of the EU have destroyed our fishing industry and in so doing have put tens of thousands out of work.

The envious machinations of its stultifying socialist regulatory system were designed to undermine  our financial competitiveness as exemplified in the City of London. Ever higher EU taxes and ever stricter controls strangle any nascent economic growth. The policy of free movement of populations is operated in order to obliterate the sense of national identity. At root, the EU is not an economic entity but a ruthless political movement whose aim is hegemony, the European superstate. Moreover, its founders stated that this was their intention from the very beginning.

Europe was created by the values of the Christian faith. It used to be called Christendom and, until the coming of the EU, the culture and practice of its nation states clearly demonstrated their foundation upon Christian ethics. Now all Christian symbols and emblems are prohibited in the official documents of the EU.

Is it any wonder that the British people have said clearly that they are no longer willing to pay hundreds of millions of pounds every week to belong to such an appalling tyranny – a concoction supposedly defended by a non-existent EU army?

Suicidally, the EU political class has thrown open its borders to allow in millions. In the words of S.T. Coleridge: “…the establishment of the most extensive and complete despotism that ever warred against civilisation and the interests of humanity.”

The arrogance of the judges must reduce us to the condition of stupefaction. Who are they to say, “We know what’s best for you” – while they conspire with a political entity which promises only the abolition of our country?

G.K. Chesterton wrote: “We are the people of England that have never spoken yet.”

Well, we have spoken now. And we will not be gainsaid.

We should enter the court of those judges and repeat to them words which Oliver Cromwell spoke to the Rump Parliament:

“………. You are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You have sat here too long for any good you might have done. Make haste, go – get out! And in the name of God, go quickly.”   


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7 Comments on The Supreme Court; Whigs in Wigs

  1. Is this article a joke, or is it meant seriously? The High Court was asked to decide an application for a declaration as to the competent body (i.e. whether the government or Parliament) to invoke Article 50. The ap declaration the court was asked to make did not concern the merits or demerits of invoking Article 50. The government conceded before the court that the application was justiciable – that is, that the court could properly hear it. The court made a decision based on legal analysis of the scope of the Crown prerogative in the light of the European Communities Act 1972. Why rant at the judges for being arrogant? They were performing what the government conceded to be their proper judicial function. It would be no less – but no more – arrogant for them to have decided that the government could act without reference to Parliament. As to whether the decision is legally correct, that is a question to which this article and others like it have nothing to say.

  2. Mr. Mullen’s hysteria is really quite amusing, here we see the fantasy’s of the BREXIT crowd hit the realities of law and politics. Far from “subvert the will of the people” what the High Court has done is affirm the sovereignty of Parliament, parliament got Britain in and only Parliament can get you out. Britain is not governed by mob rule, let me correct that, Britain is run by the Westminster/Whitehall mob, the views of West Midlands council house dwellers are neither sought nor appreciated.
    The performance of PM May is wonderful to behold: “We shall appeal this decision” she says indignantly, absolutely confident that there is no chance whatsoever of the Supreme Court overturning a unanimous decision of the high Court. “Parliament must respect the wishes of the people” she exclaims in high dudgeon. I got a great laugh out of that one, where was the respect for the wishes of the British people regarding the mass movement of the dregs of the Indian Sub-Continent and Caribbean ghettos into British cities?
    There is zero chance now of BREXIT. Parliament will never pass an act triggering article 50, for the simple reason that there is nowhere near a majority in both Houses for such an irresponsible action, recorded by vote! Quite apart from the economic consequences which would be catastrophic enough, the Constitutional consequences are even worse for the Westminster/Whitehall mob. Scottish independence, already inevitable eventually, will be more quickly achieved against a backdrop of BREXIT. Not that Westminster/Whitehall gives a damn about the sweaties, but unfortunately the Permanent Seat on the UN Security Council is held by “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”, if that entity ceases to exist then England will just be another member state somewhere between Ecuador and Eritrea. That seat is the “Jewel in the Crown” of British diplomacy and politics, it gives British politicians status on the world stage, allows Britain to “punch above it’s weight”, they won’t do anything to jeopardize that.
    What a show this is turning out to be!

    • Whine all you want. The people have spoken and Brexit is going to happen. Your patronising dismissal of the opinions of the British people and how they choose to vote is exactly why so many of us voted for Leave, the more you and your ilk repeat your exaggerated and apocalyptic nonsense and your smears against the British people the more you cement the determination for leaving the EU.

      • I am not whining old chap! In fact I am hugely enjoying this show.
        As for dismissing the opinions of the “British” people; far from it, look at it more closely and you will see that the Scots (and Northern Irish) overwhelmingly voted REMAIN. It was the English who voted LEAVE, and if BREXIT becomes reality then it will be England out in the cold, or, as we might put it; “the English canoe is up shit creek, and Margaret Thatcher sold the paddles”.
        I cannot be unhappy this morning as I rejoice in the election of the great Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States, hallelujah!