Peter Mullen; Thickos of the world Unite

Julie Christie

D’you remember how the metropolitan elite said we voted for Brexit because we’re thick? Well now the American branch of this elite is saying the same of those who voted for Trump, describing these poor, afflicted and unenlightened citizens as “low information types.” That’s what we thickos call “thick.”

Moreover, we thickos can’t be expected to pull our socks up. The journal Foreign Policy printed an article saying, “The people are deluded and it is the task of those with reason and expertise to undelude them.”

George Monbiot explained in The Guardian: “Why elections are bad for democracy.”

The Guardian wants us to appoint a sort of secular “episcopacy” to teach us all to come to the right – I mean, of course, left – conclusions.

It’s been done before, at least twice: in the USSR it was made up commissars; in the EU it is the commissioners.

And who will be on this committee of the righteous, The Guardian’s guardians, so to speak? There’s sure to be their own George Moonbat, the zoologist and master of the non sequitur Richard Dawkins, the know-all Attenborough, Polly Toynbee and Emily Thornberry who established her credentials at the last general election when she sneered at “white van man.” I suppose they might throw in Diane Abbot, just to add intellectual weight. They would bring the Stalinist apologist for the Terror and the Gulag Eric Hobsbawm back from the dead, if only this were permitted by Dialectical Materialism.

All these creeps who make up the lumpen intelligentsia must be pretty thick themselves if they can’t see that for their kind the game is up – at last. In Britain and in the USA, the common people have risen up and said, “We’ve had enough of you. You have sat here too long for any good you might have done. Go. Get out!” The entrenched left wing establishment – what Trump has called “the swamp” – is on the way out all over Europe too, as Frau Merkel and Monsieur Hollande will discover in next year’s elections. We are seeing a similar uprising of thickos in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Belgium and half a dozen more countries.

God bless us every one!

Thickos of the world unite and drain the swamp!

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3 Comments on Peter Mullen; Thickos of the world Unite

  1. Frau Merkel is a communist, clearly by her consistent policy direction. Slow enough not to induce the thicko frogs to jump out of the pot, until now. Gimme that old-time subsidiarity, its good enough for me. G. K . Chesterton, arise – our thicko, gaping yokel need is at hand ! I be readin’ an’ recommendin’ dem ‘cyclicals a’ Pope Leo XIII, an’ man dat Luigi Sturzo, he sumfin’ else, brudder!

  2. “Czechoslovakia”? What degree of ignorance this requires? Sort of confirms the stereotypes about Brexit supporters. Plus, “Frau” Merkel is – surprise – a centre-right conservative.