A New Mental Disorder; Trumpsteria.

To the liberal elites

Bush Derangement Syndrome. A mental disorder first described by Charles Krauthammer in 2003 in which victims suffered an acute onset of paranoia about George W Bush; A conviction that all the evil in the world was due to him, from wars to the failure of the victim’s local supermarket to stock hypoallergenic turkeys.

The Salisbury Review is proud to announce in 2016 the discovery of a new disorder surrounding the election of Donald Trump as US President.


Pathogenesis. The patient wakes, typically at four in the morning, with the unshakeable conviction that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, and within months of his presidency will create an American 4th Reich. Auditory hallucinations include the sound of marching jackboots and snatches of the Fuhrer’s speeches accompanied by the drone of Focke Wulf bombers. Visual hallucinations include Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and Lenin riding in the heavens smiling down on the patient. On rising the patient is convinced she has been given a celestial mission to bring the truth about the Socialist Anti-Christ to the world. Compulsive writing supervenes, with the patient hiding in her room typing 24 hours a day. It ends with concerned relatives breaking down her door.

Trumpsteria is highly infectious, with patients gathering in large crowds in public spaces, chanting, weeping, and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police.

Prognosis.  Trumpsteria can lead to social isolation due to the boring and repetitive nature of the victim’s conversation, causing friends to flee.

Treatment; Admission to the George W Bush Guantanamo Bay Mental Facility for rest, rehydration by the facility’s unique water restoration technique, accompanied by graded readings from Daily Mail.



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1 Comment on A New Mental Disorder; Trumpsteria.

  1. This is so funny! The author had made me roll in my chair 🙂 unfortunately it is true….and doctors are going to be expecting long queues of those affected by the hysteria!