Health and Unsafety

30th December 2016 5

It’s a bit parky out there this morning, so I’d better not stray beyond the front door. Public Health England (PHE) has told the aged to stay indoors. And they define an aged person as someone over 65. Well, I’ve been aged for nine years, going on ten and I’m afraid I’ve not been behaving myself. When, aged 70, I … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Keening

28th December 2016 2

I usually give a few coins to beggars in the street. I know that some people think that this encourages beggary and even fraud, but I would rather be duped sometimes than never to trust anyone. And even the beggar who asks for alms when he could perfectly well earn his living some other way is pitiable, as a day … [Read on]

Christmas, Scrooge, & The Internet

26th December 2016 3

Charles Dickens’ tale ‘Christmas Carol’ is rightly popular this time each year, but widely misunderstood. Almost everyone misconstrues what his nightmare visits by the three ghosts actually teach him. Children at Christmas frankly express joy at getting things they desire. We grown-ups laugh indulgently, yet dimly know acquisitive materialism is one of the major causes of human unhappiness. Although we … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Misappropriating mistruths.

21st December 2016 0

A single word – there will be no prizes for guessing which – caught my eye in the following headline, published by the news service of one of my internet servers: ‘Katie Hopkins makes statement after writing series of mistruths in Mail.’ Mistruths? What is a mistruth? A lie, an untruth, an error? The word is a neologism invented or used … [Read on]

No London brothel or Casino for you this Christmas Sheik

20th December 2016 10

Attacks like that on the The Berlin Christmas Market will get more frequent as radical Muslim groups realise that asymmetrical warfare is cheaper, has a greater propaganda effect, is sparing on personnel, and does not require heavy weapons or costly ground to air defences. The attacks will  get worse as the Russians gain physical control of ISIS territory and drive out its ISIS killers, … [Read on]

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