Hi there Beijing!

[pullquote]The December paper edition of The Salisbury Review Magazine is out now. Fifty pages of intelligent and original articles, book reviews, science and the arts. Subscribe. Also a Digital Version. (All Platforms) [/pullquote]Beijing has has lodged a stiff protest with the United States over Donald Trump’s call to the Taiwanese President it was announced this morning.

“We have already made solemn representations about it to the relevant US side. It must be pointed out that there is only one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory,” the statement said. (Saturday 3rd December)

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9 Comments on Hi there Beijing!

  1. And so Trump lets the Chinese know that they are dealing with a President with self respect and who isn’t going to be pushed around by them. Considering that the Chinese economy is hugely dependent on the USA’s markets it is amazing that the USA has been kowtowing to China for so long when it should be the other way around. All done in a perfectly peaceful fashion. It is possible that Trump is actually brilliant, the evidence is mounting in that direction.

  2. This, admittedly somewhat trivial, affair, highlights my fears about a President Trump. He is a great project manager, a natural leader, very pragmatic and an accomplished ass-kicker. However he lacks political shrewdness, he should not have taken that call, by doing so he has been maneuvered by president Tsai Ing-Wen into a Chinese internal dispute. Politics has been called the art of compromise, but it is much more than that, it is cajolery, coercion, flattery, horse trading, ass kissing, etc. All that President Trump is going to find difficult. My own expectations are low, if his administration can get control of the immigration mess I would count that as a
    great success, if he reduces corporation tax to 10% that would be great too.

    • Taking that call was a highly intelligent piece of diplomacy. He has sent a message to the Chicoms that the USA has other options. In response, the Chicoms will huff a bit, then they will moderate their attitude and behaviour. It looks like Trump is a master strategist. And people continue to think him a fool, despite the mountains of evidence otherwise!

  3. As I understand it, the Taiwanese President phoned to congratulate the President-Elect on his victory. Trump took the call – so what? Either Taiwan is independent or it isn’t. It’s been displomatically isolated from the US ever since Nixon’s rapprochement with China in the early ’70s.

  4. The solemn representations beg the question and are a bit of faccia tosta. The whole point is that Taiwan disputes that it is a part of “China” ‘s i.e. the PRC’s territory. The PRC can at best claim, but does not have, right of conquest.