The Honey Monster, Two cats and a Dishwasher

December 1st; Thursday. Online chum Nick Jordan (no supporter of President Honey Monster, I should add) reports that “Last night I dreamt I was having dinner with Donald Trump. I gave him some much needed advice – something about making quick decisions like a businessman, not slow ones like a politician – and he gave me a battered, secondhand Rolex by way of a thank you. Then we went to the kitchen and put a couple of cats in the dishwasher. After a couple of minutes he said, ‘it doesn’t hurt them.”  

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Readers are invited to offer an interpretation  …….


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1 Comment on The Honey Monster, Two cats and a Dishwasher

  1. The advice given is always timely, good but quite old, hence the battered life-scarred Rolex. The elusive, sinuously feline, unknowable on rush of the contingencies of this life have to be met, never mind the finesse, any how – the surgeon must act – and things may be a bit of a tumble, but mostly work out, if we own the problem.