Salisbury Review; Editorial Winter 2016

Donald Trump is everything the British don’t like about Americans, too familiar, too loud. He has funny hair, he talks like a second-hand car salesman and if he sat near to you in a café, you would want to move away in case he began talking to you. He is a product of the hatred and frustration of working-class Americans at seeing their country stolen from them by a sneering intellectual élite who have made fashion plates of black gangsters, ignored Islamic atrocities and persecuted Christians who oppose gay marriage. We too need a Trump if anybody is going to listen to us.

Nobody is. A people smuggling racket was recently discovered in Calais in which abandoned children hoping to come to England under an amnesty were being pushed aside in favour of young men of between 16 and 32 years of age claiming to be ‘children’.

It was so blatant many believed the scheme had fallen into the hands of smuggling gangs who were manipulating or deceiving the social workers involved. But a social worker dismissed complaints that the public was being duped. Every refugee had the right to come here and we should not complain. One got the impression that it was simply none of our business.

This is the standard post-Marxist agenda of many of the people involved in our social institutions. If we British think that somehow we own our own country then we are monstrously deluded. The colonial west exploited the third world for centuries and it is now restitution time. We seized their lands now they will seize ours. So when the ordinary British react by voting to leave the EU, or demonstrate against admitting hundreds of thousands of immigrants from some of the most backward countries in the world, they can be dismissed as racists, stupid, or the law can be turned on them. This is the message of Remain. We do not deserve our country. Rich foreigners have seized it.

Which is why those great achievements of British history: free speech, liberty, freedom of religion as well as the right to privacy have been turned on their heads. Now the only people allowed to speak freely are our conquerors, the only religion to be defended is one that preaches medieval barbarity, while our notions of privacy have been monstrously twisted so that foreign killers and rapists are allowed to remain at large in the country, while the law-abiding go about in fear. None of these facts are any the less true because of Donald Trump’s election as US President – quite the reverse.

How has it come about that the voices of the people like the Calais social worker are the only ones we hear? Listen to James Naughtie on the Radio 4 Today programme grovelling before some zealot with portmanteau views on women’s liberty, homosexual marriage, transgender rights, abortions and censorship and you will understand. The institutions of state have been taken over by the left. Opponents are simply ignored. Lunacy has taken hold. Last week the BBC voiced its approval of plans by the government to restrict freedom of speech in our universities. There is even a movement in the latter to overthrow western science as the product of white male thinking in favour of African Black Magic. It may seem mad now, but wait a year.

Every dictatorship has its secret police. The Catholic Church had its Holy Office, Russia the KGB, modern Saudi Arabia its religious police, China its 610 committee for persecuting religious dissidents. The liberal left is creating one here. By far the most significant anti-rational movement today is the search for hidden child abusers. Such a confrontation had to come.

All primitive societies, and modern ones that have abandoned rationality, eventually seek to explain their internal contradictions by inventing demoniacal, omniscient opponents. The Independent Enquiry into Child Abuse promises to be such a witch-hunt. With its proposers suggesting that there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of ‘survivors’ of child abuse, all other priorities can be set aside. Why worry about NHS waiting lists when sex abusers are stalking the land?

Sex abuse cases are especially useful because the normal rules of evidence are abandoned. An innocent man can be convicted on the anonymous denunciation of a ‘survivor’ hidden behind a curtain in court who stands to be paid huge sums in compensation if the court believes him or her. Much of the evidence will be uncorroborated memories going back as far as 50 years. In some cases evidence will be put forward of abuse that the survivor cannot remember but has been discovered by ‘experts’.

With the enquiry holding a mandate to investigate virtually every social institution in the country having anything to do with children, the entire population is likely to be caught up for the next ten years in the pursuit of paedophiles in the same way that in Stalin’s Russia the population were caught up in the hunt for American Imperialist Agents. Many of the radical left’s ideas, gay marriage, transgender rights, the concept of the patriarchal family as oppressive, censorship, contempt for the popular vote, are like Stalin’s ‘reforms’, societal wreckers. They depend on disorientating the population by standing a country’s civil society on its head, by creating an imaginary army of secret enemies, defining what once was right to be wrong and what was once wrong to be right, by setting family members against family members, friends against friends. We face the creation of the apocalyptic chaos described by Boris Pasternak in Dr Zhivago. The doctor returns after years of war to his family home to find it taken over by brutal strangers.

Myles Harris

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  1. Excellent article – all true – down to the very commas, except for one thing: the agenda you mention is not “post-Marxist”; it is Marxist, with the usual dash of Lenin – for the immigration policy and the skewed history which (secretly) attempts to justify it is no more nor less than “Lenin’s revenge”. Having decreed that the workers of Europe were luxuriating in the exploitation of their third world brothers and shirking their supposed duty of “revolution” (bringing left wing fruitcakes to power), the left has sought to punish them by bringing those oppressed third world brothers to the heartlands of Europe in overwhelming multitudes. They probably realise that this will by no means facilitate their Utopia in the short term; they just hope that it will destroy “bourgeois” liberty and market prosperity and lead – by a circuitous and sanguinary route (but when has that bothered the left?) to their preferred option of a top down, bureaucratic and neo-feudal order which is intended to morph by some alchemical process (not yet described) into a bohemian paradise. The question is – how many pursuing the policies of the left are fully aware of this ultimate agenda? How many are simply cowed by the buzz words and false associations with which the left covers the agenda up? A fascinating article on “Newsnight” raised this question with acute sharpness. The article was only accidentally fascinating, you understand, because it demonstrated the attempt and the failure of a paid up Beeboid journo to shoe horn modern objections to his “multiculti” agenda into the form of a “fascist revival”. Even his check list questions – attitudes to the Jewish community, attitudes to “gays” – left him floundering. His attempt to hint that migrant detention centres were in effect concentration camps was embarrassingly laughable. Is Tony Abbott, then, a fascist? I suspect Beeboids would say yes, he is. But is this through stupidity or malice? If we can enlighten the stupid, you see, we might rescue them from the clutches and the agenda of the malignant and so save our world.