No London brothel or Casino for you this Christmas Sheik

Did they know about Metoo ?

Attacks like that on the The Berlin Christmas Market will get more frequent as radical Muslim groups realise that asymmetrical warfare is cheaper, has a greater propaganda effect, is sparing on personnel, and does not require heavy weapons or costly ground to air defences. The attacks will  get worse as the Russians gain physical control of ISIS territory and drive out its ISIS killers, many of them psychopathic or brain damaged addicts, who will vanish into surrounding Arab states to take up the new warfare.

Searching for them at Europe’s borders is a waste of time, a much simpler way of protecting Europe after each attack is to impose a ‘Temporary Safety Ban” on all travel to and from the Middle East. This is not to stop terrorists entering Europe, which is impossible, but to inconvenience the rulers of the countries they are hiding in. Each ban would apply to all forms of travel, and all subjects including diplomats and rulers, as well as ordinary passengers. We need not extend any sympathy to those ‘ordinary’ travellers who might think it unfair they are drawn into somebody else’s quarrel, so were the victims of the Berlin Market attack.

A ban would last thirty days under the guise of a proper ‘assessment’ being carried out of further risks of attack. There would be no need to do any assessments, although we could make things even more difficult by sending out elaborate questionnaires that could be ‘lost’ or need further details.

Our politicians could be employed to offer frequent platitudes offering safety and sympathy for all those inconvenienced.

The ban’s real intention would be to cause the maximum inconvenience, cost and disruption of the travel plans of rulers, influential Arab business men, rich tourists and bureaucrats who have failed to ensure their countries are properly governed. It would also hugely inconvenience banks, the arms dealers who do their business through them, and our own government officials.  A couple of such bans would see an extraordinary change in the number of attacks.






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10 Comments on No London brothel or Casino for you this Christmas Sheik

  1. Yes yes yes, quite appalling!
    We can argue interminably about the unpleasantness of 60 years ago. What is at stake now is nothing less than the continuing existence of western liberal society, its liberty, justice, equality and its technical prowess. If you want to see what the future will be for Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc. visit Cairo, Alexandria, Amman or Beirut, and don’t stick to the few marginally presentable tourist spots, explore the whole damned dump. Intermittent electricity at best, water available from a few spigots, no garbage collection, no infrastructure repair or renewal. This is what is inevitable now for Western Europe and the UK, the only way to avoid this future is to remove the islamic elements back to their own 3rd world shitholes, Sobieski is not coming this time. Clearing the ban-lieus of Paris and the other islam enclaves will require a lot more determination, muscle and ruthlessness than can be expected from the PC/AA appointed female coppers seen on european streets. There will be resistance and that resistance will need to be crushed mercilessly if the west is to be saved. For this the spirit of Das Reich is needed.
    But it won’t happen will it? Western man is now in the mental state of the unfortunate Jews in the boxcars, knowing they were doomed they went quietly for the most part, if not willingly.
    The history of 3rd world immigration into the UK and Western Europe post WW2 is the story of the greatest betrayal in history, there is no parallel, even in english there are no words to describe adequately the magnitude of the approaching catastrophe.

    • You would not be saying ‘yes yes yes’ if your wife or children were in the pile of bodies the Nazis set fire to. Unfortunately America has a poor history when it comes to fighting what from now on will be small detachments of killers embedded in terrified populations. Vietnam and Iraq are examples. If we look at second war parallels such is the joke of the arms export business it is as if the West continued to supply Hitler with the latest strategic weapons while fighting him. However we should have supported Assad and found a few more like him to rule other states in the Middle East. Those who were fighting him were worse than he was. Islam’s Achilles heel remains its ludicrous theology, which we should be taking to pieces in the same way in our media as the left demolished Christianity.

      • The Left have scrubbed Christianity from the public square. This is like cleaning a house and setting its previously disordered state in a habitable condition, ready for a new occupant. No prizes for guessing who that might be.

        It’s not Islam that has an Achilles heel, but left-liberalism and its politically-based system of morality known as political correctness. Having declared any criticism of minority cultures to be racist and xenophobic, the left-liberals are unable to criticise Islam. They are forced by the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of their doctrine (what is ‘positive discrimination’ by another form of privilege where some animals are more equal than others) to take the line that Islam is a just a block of votes that can be captured by the Labour Party, or is just one of many oppressed minorities. They have become trapped in the rationality of their own doctrine.

        If they questioned it their whole worldview would collapse. Rather than do that they are lead to absurdly self-destructive conclusions, such as that of some feminists who declared that rape would be preferable to opposing mass immigration into Germany.

        But the warning of house swept and garnished was already in the Gospels for anyone to take heed of. But as the Left have despised these ‘superstitions’ they have been given another to be subjected to. Having despised the word of God, from them also is the word of man taken away.

  2. The US Constitution would sanction what is below ? Are you quite sure you are living in the right country? Anyhow the mass bombing of Germany had no productive results and was criminal, German industry was producing more in 1945 than it was in 1939. The beauty of my proposal ‘Travel Restrictions’ is they are simple, cheap and effective.

    ‘Das Reich. On 10 June, Diekmann’s battalion sealed off Oradour-sur-Glane and ordered all the inhabitants – and anyone who happened to be in or near the town – to assemble in the village square to have their identity papers examined. The SS also arrested six people who did not live in the village but merely happened to be riding their bicycles through there when the SS unit arrived.

    The women and children were locked in the church and the village was looted. The men were led to six barns and sheds, where machine guns were already in place.

    According to a survivor’s account, the SS men then began shooting, aiming for their legs. When victims were unable to move, the Nazis covered them with fuel and set the barns on fire. Only six men managed to escape. One of them was later seen walking down a road and was shot dead. In all, 190 Frenchmen died.

    The SS men next proceeded to the church and placed an incendiary device beside it. When it was ignited, women and children tried to escape through the doors and windows, only to be met with machine-gun fire. 247 women and 205 children died in the brutal attack. The only survivor was 47-year-old Marguerite Rouffanche. She escaped through a rear sacristy window, followed by a young woman and child.[3] All three were shot, two of them fatally. Rouffanche crawled to some pea bushes and remained hidden overnight until she was found and rescued the next morning. About twenty villagers had fled Oradour-sur-Glane as soon as the SS unit had appeared. That night, the village was partially razed.

    Several days later, the survivors were allowed to bury the 642 dead inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane who had been killed in just a few hours. Adolf Diekmann said the atrocity was in retaliation for the partisan activity in nearby Tulle and the kidnapping of Helmut Kämpfe.’


    • Mr. Harris,
      You have a very quaint notion of what the US Govt. can or cannot do, Constitution be damned. I suggest you look up the Federal govt. attack on the weaver family at Ruby Ridge, Northern Idaho; Vicky Weaver was murdered by an FBI sniper at a range of hundreds of yards with a single rifle shot through the window of her cabin front door whilst she was holding and trying to comfort her baby. Her 14 year old son was shot in the back and killed by BATF agents as he fled towards the cabin. Look up the Waco Texas siege of the Koresh compound; tiring of the siege FBI and BATF agents fired flammable gas into the buildings and followed that with a hail of gunfire that killed about 100 people, mainly women and children. As we exchange these notes, killer drones of the US Govt. roam the skies of a dozen countries carrying out extra judicial murders of people who are, or thought to be, enemies of the US. “Collateral damage”, that is, the death of innocent civilians is ignored. The truth is that the US Govt., like any other, thinks that it can do whatever the hell it likes, to whomever it likes, at any time of it’s choosing, because it has the guns. The Constitution? As the Kaiser heard; “it is just a piece of paper”.

  3. I never believed in Islamophobia until now – i thought it was a delusion of the left, but reading this from Roger in Florida …even as a joke in poor taste, has changed my opinion.
    So Roger you want troops like the Das Reich who will carry out a copy of the the Oradour Sur Glane massacre? Funny sort of democrat or American you are. I suppose you think the US constitution is toilet paper

    • Mr. Harris,
      You are a weak man, I have observed this before in your characterization of Anjem Choudhary as “as British as fish and chips”. Do you seriously want to get into a discussion of WW2 atrocities against civilians? How about the RAF raids against Hamburg carried out in July 1943? You were a junior reporter then for the Northampton Chronicle and Echo, according to your statements, were you not aware that deliberate “terrorflieger” raids were being carried out against German civilians, mainly women and children! 43,00 dead in one raid, asphyxiated by lack of oxygen, thankfully, German rescue crews had to clean out air raid shelters where skeletons floated in a lake of cooked flesh; women and children! For no military purpose whatsoever! US aircrews from the 8th Air Force brought their bombs home rather than participate in this indiscriminate murder. And don’t think that these raids were misunderstood; Harris explained his tactics in detail to sir Charles Portal who relayed the plan exactly to Churchill.
      So Das Reich SS murdered some civilians; SFW! They were a first rate unit of combined armor/infantry who fought hard for their country, Germany needs such men now!
      We need to summon total determination to defeat islam, that will mean indiscriminate murder against the enemy, get used to it or surrender!
      The US Constitution is a wonderful document, the US system of government is the best ever created, it is not however a suicide pact!

    • Is it about time we started talking about Christianophobia?

      Is it this that lies behind the concern over employees wearing ‘offensive’ Christian jewellery? Is it this that lies behind the scrubbing of Christianity from the public square and its replacement with the rival politically-based morality known as political correctness, a system allied to atheism?

      Is it this that causes a man to want to disrupt a peaceful market outside a church dedicated to one of the principal Hohenzollerns? Is the cause really a phobia, rather than the vacuous notion of an attack on ‘our shared values’, as some politicians have declared?

      Christianity – especially in the form of the Church of England – has given up wanting position and influence. However, to consider that Islam is an entity, a religious state, that wants both is not a phobia. After all, what is ‘the burkini offensive’? Does it mean that burkinis are offensive?

      Can Christianophobia be found in the Church of England? The Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, chaplain to the Speaker, has just announced that the Church of England may be institutionally racist. She talks of Pentecostal churches where black youths can identify with the black clergy.

      You might have thought that the Reverend lady would have recalled that Christ did not preach identity politics. Nor did St Paul think it necessary to have Greek, Roman or Jewish people appointed to lead his churches so that those of the same race among the congregations could identify with them. If, as St Paul declared, all are one in Christ, although racial and cultural differences remain – he’s very clear about that – this is the point of sympathy between them, and none other.

      It is this lack of sympathy that Paul declared had been a dividing wall. But the Reverend lady, in wanting race to be the point of sympathy, is reverting to St Peter’s position before Paul confronted him and he, Peter – perhaps as a result of this – had his threefold vision.

      The Reverend lady reveals her lack of understanding of the basics of Christianity because she is obviously influenced by the competing doctrine of secular equality and identity politics. She says that if there is an answer to why most clergy of the Church of England are white she will listen to it. Well, Paul might have reminded her that perhaps she thinks too much of colour and not of Christ.

  4. No subterfuge is necessary, just a blanket ban on muslim travel to Europe and hopefully the US (Canada would never think of doing anything so definitive). couple this with immediate arrest and punishment by imprisonment or deportation for any muslim proselytizing against infidels or Jews. Combine this with heavy punishment for anti social crimes including the death penalty for aggravated sexual assault of a minor. It cannot be beyond the military capacity of European nations to invade Libya and carve out a huge internment camp for, say, 30 million people, that will do for a start. Deport to this camp all the troublemakers and their families. If we did all that the islamic scum would soon get the message.
    Nothing like this is going to happen though; in 50 years islam will rule Europe and a new dark age will be upon us.
    I see the authorities in Germany are issuing pictorial leaflets explaining to the diverse youth how to achieve sexual conquest of German women. Germany doesn’t need this; what Germany needs is a reborn Das Reich SS.