Is Donald Trump’s hair more real than Wayne Rooney’s?

26th January 2016 1

For many years I did not go to a barber but hacked at my own hair, or let my wife cut it. However, now that I am retired I decided to indulge in this luxury. My only complaint about the barber whom I now patronise is that he plays pop music all the time which jangles my nerves but apparently … [Read on]

You asked the BBC for bread and it gave you Jimmy Savile

24th January 2016 0

A man who had worked for the BBC in the 1960s told me some time ago that James, aka Jimmy, Savile was employed by the BBC because it was worried that there were so few working-class broadcasters. I had no reason to suppose that he was lying or mistaken, though I have no corroborative evidence either. But I suspect that … [Read on]

Second Death of Christ? No, of David Bowie.

14th January 2016 0

According to an article in The Guardian, a hole has recently been ripped in the fabric of the universe. Though I am no astrophysicist, this sounded pretty serious, as if we are all about to be annihilated in a hail of antimatter and turned into photons. Even ISIS would be preferable to that. Readers will, I am sure, be relieved … [Read on]

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