They don’t served tinned tomatoes at the Groucho Club

19th December 2016 3

[pullquote]Lindsey Dearnley: Since quitting tattooing, I started an online business making and selling Christmas elves, only to find sales slow enough to cause me serious financial hardship. The kind of hardship that involves walking everywhere and subsisting on tinned tomatoes and potatoes for days at a time. I am now poorer than many of the `woe is me` long term … [Read on]

Bored by Donald Trump’s Speeches? Watch President Reagan, America’s funniest.

18th December 2016 3

‘What is wrong with Soviet Agriculture? “Spring,  Summer, Autumn and Winter”‘ ‘Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.’ ”I have wondered at times what The Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through Congress.’ The most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” … [Read on]

Salisbury Review; Editorial Winter 2016

13th December 2016 1

Donald Trump is everything the British don’t like about Americans, too familiar, too loud. He has funny hair, he talks like a second-hand car salesman and if he sat near to you in a café, you would want to move away in case he began talking to you. He is a product of the hatred and frustration of working-class Americans … [Read on]

Unjust Cause. A Novel about Child Abuse Swindlers.

12th December 2016 1

Three men conspire to make a false accusation that they had been assaulted as boys in a London Comprehensive twenty years earlier. They hope to get compensation. They name a teacher at random and, despite a total lack of evidence, the man is questioned by the police and later charged. To escape harassment by the Press while awaiting trial, Alec … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Have you packed your own suitcase?

11th December 2016 5

No time or society, I imagine, is entirely without its ironies or contradictions. For example, we are horrified by the sexual abuse of children but all our social policy over the last fifty years has been to maximise it. We would, in practice, be far more horrified by attempts to reverse that policy than any amount of such abuse. We … [Read on]

Squire Haggard’s Journal.

10th December 2016 0

Squire Haggard’s Journal was conceived when I was a young reporter on the Northampton Chronicle and Echo in 1943. Our weekly companion paper The Northampton Mercury and Herald boasted the oldest complete files in Europe, going back to 1720, and once a week it was my job to descend into the basement where they were kept, and make an extract … [Read on]

We don’t need no Edukashon

7th December 2016 0

When it comes to edukashon, the UK is still lagging behind many countries and has made little progress in international rankings since the results of three years ago. The widely respected Pisa rankings, run by the OECD, are based on tests taken by 15-year-olds in over seventy countries. The UK is behind outstanding performers such as Singapore and Finland, but also trails Vietnam, Poland and Estonia. The … [Read on]

The Honey Monster, Two cats and a Dishwasher

6th December 2016 1

December 1st; Thursday. Online chum Nick Jordan (no supporter of President Honey Monster, I should add) reports that “Last night I dreamt I was having dinner with Donald Trump. I gave him some much needed advice – something about making quick decisions like a businessman, not slow ones like a politician – and he gave me a battered, secondhand Rolex … [Read on]

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