Canada Prepares to Ban Free Speech – Motion 103

On the 17th Of February the Canadian Parliament will consider Motion 103 banning Islamophobia, in effect any criticism of Islam or its teachings. The motion on first reading seems anodyne but in reality – once race activists get to work on developing it – will lead to a Bill in Parliament banning the use of any words or expressions condemning or criticising Islam. Under such a law a woman complaining to passers-by that a Muslim bus driver refused to let her get on his bus with her dog could – if overheard by a passing policeman (sorry police-person) – be arrested and handed a fine and a criminal conviction. Any article which pointed out that women do not have equal rights to men under Sharia Law would would have a very high chance of its writer being  convicted. And what about the cartoon accompanying this article ?….English speaking countries with left wing governments will soon follow suit

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9 Comments on Canada Prepares to Ban Free Speech – Motion 103

  1. The motion passed the House by a 201 to 91 vote. This does not surprise me in the slightest, Canada has been totally emasculated.

  2. Did you read the article Beansie? It’s pretty well-researched. Similarly, “the salisbury review as a credible source? seriously?”

    • OK then, OkThen;
      Unlike BuzzFeed, The Salisbury Review does not claim to be a news outlet, it is a magazine of commentary with a Conservative slant. Your comment is muddled, as I suspect a lot of your thought process is; “credible source” of what?
      If you cannot, or more likely will not, see this Motion 103 for what it clearly is; that is a preliminary to getting islam special protection from criticism, enforced through the criminal code, then you are blind, and I suspect deliberately so.

  3. Unbelievable! The Loons ride again. Canada is not an Islamic country (yet), yet they are acting like one. Do they really think that they are going to appease Muslims with this nonsense? They forget-Muslims hate us because we are infidels & no amount of bending over backwards to accommodate them will make the slightest bit of difference.

  4. This motion is just another attempt by the islamists to throttle any criticism of their religion, it calls for study, have you ever heard of politicians or bureaucrats studying something and then deciding nothing needs to be legislated? There have been many attempts at getting the camel’s snout under the tent, this is just another example. it is preparatory to instituting islamic culture and forcing that (revolting) culture on the general population.
    All priests are liars. Islamic priests are particularly violent in their irrationality, bigotry and general stupidity.
    This is well advanced in the UK where, as Mark Steyn has commented “the British police are the paramilitary wing of the Guardian newspaper”.
    All this anti discrimination nonsense is actually anti freedom and anti liberty: If I cannot discriminate then how am I free? If I cannot choose with whom I associate how am I free? This all collectivist totalitarian claptrap.

    • Doesn’t seem like trash to me.

      The Motion 103 on the other hand, looks like a tyrants’ charter. What exactly is “Islamophobia”? Has anyone yet defined it? No, they haven’t, and that is because it serves the liberal left’s and the islamists’ agenda to merge race and religion under one highly ambiguous umbrella.

      Canada already has a sufficiently developed legal system to preserve free speech and the rights of all citizens. Motion 103 is seeking to continue the invidious game of victimhood and begging special privileges for one group over another.