The Trumpocalypse

With Al Gore’s doomsday deadline for global flooding having passed its apocalyptic sell-by-date in 2016 and evidence of data fiddling by top climate scientists, I found myself sighing with relief that the end of the world had failed to arrive yet again.

That was until the election of Donald Trump.

With President Trump we have seen the resurrection of not just one eschatological fear of impending global cataclysm but at least five, and all at once.

According to the Chicago Tribune, The independent and Nuclear Policy specialist Bruce Blair of Princeton University, Trump is bringing back the threat of nuclear Armageddon – through his use of twitter. USA Today have reported that the atomic scientists who are responsible for setting the Doomsday clock (along with input from a team of 15 Nobel Laureates) – have moved it to two and half minutes to midnight following the election of Donald J Trump. They rolled three apocalypses into one, in their bulletin, stating that “the threat of nuclear warfare plays heavily into the time on the clock, as do the dangers of Climate change and the threat from cyber technology.”

Trump apocalypse headlines have been de-rigueur since his election. Tech Crunch ran a headline: Is the tech world facing an apocalypse under President Trump? The New Yorker ran the headline: The Literal Stink of the Trump Apocalypse. The New Statesman ran a cover story: The Trump apocalypse. There are even conspiracy theorists, The Sun has reported, who have heard a terrifying trumpet sound around the earth, that they believe signifies the “First Four Trumpets of the last judgement” and they have named this the Trump Trumpet.

It’s not just nuclear and ecological, while Liberals have been reported to have been Stockpiling Guns, Ammo in Preparation For “Trump Apocalypse”, Clinton supporter vlogger Matt Walsh literally took to an underground bunker on the week of the POTUS being sworn in and recorded a teary podcast in which he announced “the end of civilisation and all we know is coming crashing down, the world is over…we have to get underground now because we don’t have a lot of time. Donald Trump is going to drop a nuclear bomb on Mexico and after that the full scale genocide of women and transgender people and gender non conforming people will begin.”

The New Zealand Herald ran the title: Trump apocalypse – 13,000 Americans register interest in moving to NZ. While Christian Numerologists and students of Nostradamus expounded that Trump, whose tower is on 666 fifth avenue is the antichrist. President Obama had to meet with his staffers on the day after Trumps win to assure them that, “this is not the apocalypse.”

Although the fear of apocalypse is as engrained in our DNA as the primal fear of snakes, there is something about the need for the impending end of the world that is part of the operating system of the left. Thomas Sowell, John Grey and Roger Scruton have all explored this morbid phenomenon.

The point where the left absorbed apocalypse into it’s operating system was most probably the Munster Rebellion of 1534. An event that inspired Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, it was a violent communitarian insurrection by an eschatological cult. In the knowledge that the end was upon the world, the Anabaptists believed that bloody action had to occur immediately with all acting as one. They believed that they were bequeathed special god given powers to loot, kill, and destroy private property and that beyond that fated cataclysm would lie the heaven on earth – The New Jerusalem.

It’s telling to apply same model to the many apocalypses that the left uses to whip us all into a mass hyteria, that then require that we all act together and immediately (as time is always running out), so that we will accept some new drastic set of measures, usually with sweeping new laws and regulations and the resulting loss to our civil liberties. Global warming, nuclear annihilation, the population explosion that was supposed to have led to extinction level mass starvation by 2000 AD, the numerous cases of the predicted ‘inevitable collapse of capitalism’ and now the Trumpocalypse are all examples of the basic Marxist-Anabaptist model. Communism is promised heaven-on-earth after the apocalypse of revolution. Self-sustaining ecological living will be the heaven-on-earth that comes after the implosion of evil Capitalism. And so the same model repeats itself every time the left are losing power – they announce an impending apocalypse. This logic is typified by the many Guardian and New York Times articles that announce the impending “end of…” this or that phenomenon. The Trumpocalypse says more about the left’s dependence upon the threat of cataclysm than it does about any of the realities of the Trump presidency, and like those other apocalypses we’ll miraculously survive this one as well.

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2 Comments on The Trumpocalypse

  1. How wonderful is anxiety as a tool for the control of the gullible! Every priest in history has used it, now we have predictions of doom from environmentalists and political activists as they froth and rage that their agendas cannot be imposed.
    For a quick view of the Pentagon’s latest anxiety mongering, see this:
    As it happens I do believe that the population explosions in Sub Saharan Africa, the Indian Sub Continent and the ME are huge trouble in many ways, particularly for Western Europe. It will be interesting to observe the reaction in Britain when 250 million or so decide to move from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India to London. What will Europe do when a billion or so unemployable, ineducable, unskilled savages with an average IQ of 70 arrive on their shores?
    The anti Trump frenzy has many roots, for some like Mr. Myles Harris, it is just pure snobbery, many others are terrified because here is a leader who actually means to change the direction of the ship of state. It somewhat reminds me of the Thatcherphobia that still lingers today.
    Interestingly the bogey man (bogey person?) amongst my extended family in Ireland is Marine Le Pen. She terrifies them, they correctly perceive her as a boat rocker extraordinaire!
    What wonderful times!