The British Museum in 10 years time ?

Royal Naval ship attacks a slaver 1808. Suppression of the trade proved very costly and dangerous. Will this sort of history soon be suppressed by white PC socialist elites ?

Transformers 2016-18 | Museums Association

Diversity is a “transitional demand” that covertly places levels of government interference between people. It is the placing of everyone in boxes, viewing people not as individuals with unique attributes, talents and qualities but as types, according to race, sexuality, sexual persuasion, ability and whatever new criteria for identity that has been invented by the politically correct social constructionists. Diversity profiling then leads to diversity quotas, which is another name for discrimination against people who are not considered to be from diverse backgrounds. Questioning the institutional doctrine of Diversity is now seen as ground for dismissal. Make no mistake about it, the march of Diversity programmes and legislation from the public sector into the private is an attempt to socially engineer society according to a plan. And this is being done by embedded elites who now control funds and resources. It’s time to overturn the utopian jargon of Diversity planning and look at its real and negative outcomes. Diversity used to occur organically, now it’s being enforced from above. Is your workplace diverse enough? Are you? Who now decides?

Ewan Morrison

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6 Comments on The British Museum in 10 years time ?

  1. Off topic but relevant: Your Spring 2017 carries an article: “Standing Rock” by Klara Meister. In it she eulogizes the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters as some great environmentally conscious stewards of the great “Mother Earth”. The camp is described in glowing terms as a “camp of prayer and ceremony”. What a complete load of bollocks!
    The camp she describes so approvingly is now being cleaned up by the US Army Corps of Engineers and some hazardous waste disposal contractors. There are thousands of tons of garbage, left on the floodplain of the river where they would, if left, have caused an environmental catastrophe of toxic pollution. Amongst the rubbish left; abandoned vehicles (many stolen), thousands of buckets of shit, tents, clothing, waste food, dogs and dead bodies. The Standing rock Sioux tribe attempted to clean up but honestly this is pretty much what their normal space looks like so their efforts were desultory at best.
    I have been unable to find any information about Ms. Meister, however it is clear from the article that she is a socialist fellow traveler with a profound hatred of capitalism and freedom and an eco hag to boot! What is strange, at first glance, is how such a stupid and ignorant person could be employed by Salisbury Review at all, SR being the organ of elitist, reactionary, class ridden traditionalists. Not so strange really though when viewed through the lens of anti-Americanism, she clearly hates the USA and equally clearly, so do you.
    Overall the magazine provided some very enjoyable reading, thank you!

  2. Monthly circulation of online Daily Mail 29 million, not far off half the UK population. Thug journalists? Jane Kelly, myself ? Both ex DM journalists. But let not the facts detain us. After we sold all our assets at steal prices to the Americans at the start of World War 2 in exchange for a handful of rusty hulks – America had no intention of joining in until Japan attacked it, they would have seen us go under – we emerged from the war with nothing – literally – I remember eating whale meat – as well as our empire gone. Now we are the ninth biggest economy in the world in an island the size of ? Maryland ?

    Do you include US universities in the rump of American academic life ? If so you are making an huge mistake. They are shaping a deadly generation of ill informed bigots who will soon control American society, and we don’t thank America for not doing something about this, their most deadly export. The new academics realise the secret of controlling peoples’ language.

    America under Trump ? It depends how long it will take to put President Pence in office……

    • The Daily Mail is undoubtedly the most read newspaper in the US and probably Australia too, they have the right formula; a cross between the News of the World and the National Enquirer. You brought up retributive journalism, so if the cap fits, wear it. Do you seriously believe that it was the duty or responsibility of the US to defend the British Empire in the run up to WW2? FDR took the steps necessary to defend the American hemisphere in the event of war but was determined not to be manipulated by perfidious Albion into an unnecessary conflict, unlike the poor French. The British political elite strutted around playing at global power confident that if war with Germany came the French would do 95% of the fighting. That didn’t work out quite as the incompetent clowns in Whitehall planned, which brought them to the stark realization that Britain’s only chance for survival was to somehow inveigle the US into the war. You make my point for me; the utter stupidity and incompetence of the British political leadership involved Britain in a completely unnecessary war, one that had they had the interests of the British people in mind they would not have been involved in at all. It is interesting to note that the British territorial guarantee to Poland, certainly “a far away country of which they knew little” and who had only months before enthusiastically joined with Germany in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, that guarantee and the war that followed prevented Britain from rendering any assistance whatsoever to Far Eastern colonies and Australia in their war with Japan. Britain was picked clean by the US before Lend-Lease was approved, if the British political elite had the brains of a dormouse they would not have started the war in the first place. As it was the total mismatch between Britain and Germany resulted in a series of ignominious routs that lasted until nearly the wars end.
      You are completely wrong about US universities, the noisy protesters you assume represent the entire student body are mostly affirmative action students studying African American history, gender studies, communications and such nonsense, they will get their worthless degrees and then be permanently unemployed. For how many centuries has Oxbridge been turning out imbeciles, nincompoops and traitors?
      Asked today if he could quote a bible verse, President Trump replied: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, deport him and you will never have to feed him again”. Bravo President Trump!

  3. The Salisbury Review runs story after story detailing the abuses handed out by the British bureaucratic state: FGM, academics censoring speech and activity they don’t agree with, speech codes enforced by the police, NHS failings, charges bought against gropers 30 years after the event. Add to that the endless attacks against individuals for PC crimes, soldiers prosecuted for doing their duty, sharia courts taking over the civic dispute system in many communities, child rape, bigamy, arranged (forced) marriages; which is nothing less than slavery and a particularly toxic form of that abomination when practiced against family members.
    I read all this and wonder just who is in charge in this bloody madhouse called England. Where is Parliament? Where are the committees investigating this madness? Where are the funding cuts to force an end to this idiocy? Where is the simple representation of the mass of the English people who surely are aware of these nonsensical goings on?
    Are you all completely mad?

    • The consensus among right wing thinkers in the UK is that PC and the Diversity Industry were exported from US universities to the UK universities in the eighties and nineties. In my Monograph ‘Magic in the Surgery’ – pub Social Affairs Unit London I describe how PC, Diversity and Non Judgementalism are special forms of intimidatory language designed to harass and bully opponents of the left, usually men. Both came from America. (

      The forerunners of diversity and PC; short term counselling and the therapy language from which is derived, both of which deny the concepts or right and wrong, also came from the US.

      The US is at much greater risk than Britain of being subverted by the left because most Americans are not familiar with how these languages work – our right wing press on the other hand is; The Daily Mail’s web version, with its ‘attack dog’ journalism is now said to be the most read foreign online newspaper in the US, knows the game exactly and how to attack left wing hypocrisy. You might be a politician advocating your passionate attachment to staying in the EU and next morning The Mail will have the size of your EU pension all over its front page. Actresses who are fond of wanting more migrants are invited by the paper to share their 10 bedroomed mansions with 20 Somalis. Its very popular here, it outsells all other papers, a lot of people secretly read it on their iPhones to work.

      Our Parliament (Prime Minster’s Question Time) also scandalises the left, who would like to see PMQ replaced by an exchange of views on breast feeding by woman MPS.

      Brexit is a good example of Britain rising late against oppression. ‘We are the people of England that never have spoken yet’. Well we have and the EU is sinking, and the lifeboats are being winched out. This afternoon a senior German politician announced they were ready to deal with the Brits at the expense of their fellow EU nations, because without us there will be no EU, or just a rump.

      I do not think Trump will survive the forces up against him but Brexit is the finish of the EU. Suddenly a national will has developed to see it through. The Commons, both sides of the House, voted Article 50 to start and complete negotiations by a huge majority.

      • So the cultural rot throughout Britain is the fault of the US! Well you are correct in one sense; the existence of Britain as an independent state is definitely due to the US. Are you seriously suggesting that prior to the 80s PC and the diversity industry were unknown in the UK? What planet are you on Mr. Harris? I can recall instances in the late 60s and through the 70s of immigrants (often unqualified) being promoted over native white men in the interests of “diversity”. This coupled with complete establishment disapproval, even horror, at words and even thoughts that questioned the wisdom of importing millions of 3rd world scum into the UK.
        “Right wing thinkers in the UK”, what right wing thinkers? They must be the most ineffectual bunch of nobodies, what political party in the UK extols private enterprise, capitalism, the profit motive, individual liberty, and individual responsibility? Answer: None!
        Were Sydney and Beatrice Webb and the Bloomsbury Group Americans? More to the point; is Julia Middleton an American?
        “The US is at much greater risk than Britain of being subverted by the left”! Earth to Myles Harris; Britain has already been subverted by the left!
        I suggest you take a look at these maps:
        Ask yourself; do these maps represent to you a country about to be subsumed by the left? Have you ever heard of Rush Limbaugh? Every day, noon to 3.00pm EST, approximately 5% of the population of the US (slightly more when Mark Steyn fills in for him) tune into his radio program where he demolishes the shibboleths of the left far more effectively than any Fleet Street thug journalism could do. He is not the only one; Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Denis Prager and many others preach freedom and responsibility over the airwaves to a very receptive audience. Your statement proves to me that you know next to nothing about the US, and what you do know is seen through the lenses of snobbery, jealousy and resentment.
        Prime Minister’s question time? Entertaining but completely irrelevant.
        Brexit? Good luck chaps; of course I can remember what a complete and utter bloody shambles Britain was before it joined the EU, a status soon to return. The EU (best thought of as the Fourth Reich) will be fine without Britain, but without France? That could be a real problem.
        President Trump will be fine, yes there are significant forces lined up against him but they are generally the rump of US society; the MSM, the Democratic Party which is now reduced to a minorities special interest group (please God let Kieth Ellison, the white hating nation of islam negro be the next chair of the DNC).
        The inescapable conclusion of an examination of the British political scene is that the established political apparatus; Westminster and Whitehall, are completely irrelevant. Wrapped up as they are in their own pantomime they are incapable of addressing the concerns of the mass of the British people, and neither is this a new phenomenon, it has been this way for at least 150 years