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3 Comments on University of Sussex; The Closing of the Academic Mind

  1. Like you Colin I TOO have just finished “Fools, Frauds and Firestarters”, A magnificent and all-inclusive takedown of the asinine, vacuous and unthinking Left as it mutated throughout our Higher Education system. This has long been going on, and the effects of it are all-too-easily seen and felt. An uncritical lefty mindset. emotings over reason and a willingness to use violence and censorship instead of argument. That they no longer need to employ because they`re no longer trained in it-they are just correct and being virtuous, and that is the end of debates.
    Scruton remains our one Right-leaning philosopher as far as I know. Mild mannered ,courteous and correct. Everything that the Occupy Dugganistas are not. Yet Scruton will be judged as a giant among pygmies, and is still the only man worth a candle when he speaks on the radio. Only Sacks and Gray compare. Roger has held the fort open for so many of us, we`ll not forget that.

  2. Having just finished Roger Scruton’s ‘Fools, Frauds and Firebrands’, an excoriating demolition of the ‘nonsense factory’ of modern leftist thought, I am not surprised that a Sussex University academic was less than enamoured with him.

    In the introduction, Scruton relates how, when the previous version of this book ( which I read at the time ) was published years ago, his academic career hit the buffers.

    The leftist groupthink of Academia is nothing new. Neither is the truly sinister agenda of stifling opposing voices. The vicious malignancy with which leftists actuate this agenda, as advocated by Marcuse, is in my opinion at least partly the product of a deep, gnawing fear that opposing voices such as Scruton’s might be right after all,