Let us girls raise a glass (or several) to International Women’s Day and pull a stranger

When you vote for Boris

On International Women’s Day the British were regaled with this ‘advance’ in the cause of women’s rights. In rape trials like the one described here a woman can ask to give her evidence from behind a curtain, her name will never be known and had this young man been sent to the nick there is every chance his accuser would be £20,000 better off in damages or criminal injury compensation.

[pullquote]As the girl in question explained to her flatmate, “I wasn’t into it”. Shame she didn’t think of that when she approached Lewis in a bar and invited him to come back to her hall of residence for anonymous, no-strings sex. “I don’t want to know you afterwards – I just want to **** you,” she explained. Daily Telegraph[/pullquote]Not satisfied with this women’s rights zealots are now trying to get evidence about the life style of an accuser, such as being drunk, suppressed in future trials. Moreover the accused’s defence is already hobbled by fact that the accuser’s evidence is given more weight than that of the accused, the accuser is almost always called a ‘victim’ before the trial, and the police can announce (not in this case) they are convinced of the truth of the accuser’s evidence and say so publicly before a trial. This is not justice but medieval witch hunting and it can kill. Feminists have now climbed down into the ditch their former male tormentors once occupied.

Why have such ‘trials’ at all? It cannot be long before all a woman needs to do is to go to the police station say she has been raped and the alleged rapist will be sentenced administratively.

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  1. There’s a simple lesson here; don’t have casual sex and don’t get involved with slappers.

    That way, no case to answer….ever.