Switzerland north of the border?

Nicola Sturgeon would lose an Independence referendum if she proposed to then take Scotland into the EU. Brussels is just as much disliked over the border as it is here in England. She is faced therefore with either remaining in the Union or setting Scotland adrift as a small independent state within Europe somewhat similar to Switzerland. The majority of Scots would not wear that at all, but it has its advantages. If Nicola Sturgeon were a pragmatic Swiss politician and not a backward looking, narrow minded socialist she would seize the opportunity to create a new currency the ‘Scot’, set corporation tax at 2%, income tax at 20% with no tax on earnings above £100,000. The purchase of three ‘pocket’ nuclear reactors costing a fraction of the price of England’s absurdly expensive new nuclear power stations, which could be up and running in 18 months, would solve Scotland’s energy problems for a century. Outside the EU coffin Scotland would once again own her own fishing grounds, her industries and control her borders. Scotland has always had some of the best universities in the world. To compete with England where universities are falling apart due to low grade staff and illiterate undergraduates, Sturgeon could restore the universal 11 plus in Scotland, open thousands of high level technical colleges and block the state interfering in school curriculae. Schools would run on a basic state subvention, with generous tax breaks given to wealthy individuals funding scholarships and bursaries as well as schools themselves.  In the coming automated world where almost all everyday tasks are run by robots, the educational products of first class schools, advanced universities and technical colleges will be the premier export of the next fifty years. An avalanche of money would pour into the country.


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  1. The Scots couldn’t have their own currency as they haven’t got the reserves. Any currency would crash like the new drachma that has been mooted for Greece. It would have to be the Euro – plus huge welfare cuts and tax hikes.

    That word is spelt ‘LOSE’ not ‘LOOSE’!