Suffer the Little Children

30th April 2017 3

We can always count on the Church of England to come up with an exciting new wheeze to stave off the final throes of bankruptcy.  So they have got Rev’d Canon Dr Sandra Millar, head of projects and development for the Archbishop’s Council, to produce an exciting new order of service to help facilitate this exciting new wheeze to put bums on seats … [Read on]

Same old Frogland

25th April 2017 5

In an uncertain world, it’s reassuring to fortify oneself with a few truisms such as All Cows Eat Grass, All Men Are Mortal and All Entries For The Eurovision Song Contest Are Bound To Be Trash. Let me add another: All French Politicians Are Lefties. From time to time a new face appears on the French political scene who is … [Read on]

Prince Harry, counselling, rain dancing and the Stiff Upper Lip

23rd April 2017 0

Prince Harry’s announcement that he did not seek counselling over his mother’s death for twenty years and regretted not having done so depends on what type of counselling he received. What is generally understood as counselling, talking to a therapist about your fears, difficulties and past traumas, (sometimes called confessional counselling) has never been proved to be of any long term benefit. … [Read on]

Degrees of Garbage

13th April 2017 5

Sage Journals –  Glaciers, gender, and science A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research Mark Carey, M. Jackson, Alessandro Antonello, Jaclyn Rushing First Published January 10, 2016  Abstract Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change. However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers – particularly related to epistemological questions about the production of glaciological … [Read on]

Trump is lured into support of ISIS.

8th April 2017 11

Whoever mounted the Sarin gas attack in Syria has achieved every single objective ISIS can ever have wished for. Each absolutely contrary to the interests, even the survival of the Assad regime. 1.The Russians have suspended the inter airforce agreement between themselves and the allies, making the danger of a collision between a Russian jet and and an Allied jet so great the Allies will have to suspend … [Read on]

The Rich are Different

7th April 2017 1

We like to imagine that the entire population is deeply attached to the rule of law: in other words, that arbitrary government is alien to rulers and ruled alike, and that retrospective legislation, say, is repugnant to them as a deep matter of principle. But this is not so: most people have at least one subject on which they would … [Read on]

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