Leading Archbishop endorses Trump

It is encouraging to read that George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002), has suggested that Donald Trump might be a “good Samaritan” for the dispossessed American working class – the millions scorned, neglected and betrayed by the US political elite for decades. As the result of the presidential election in the US, the vote for Leave in Britain and the growing strength of anti-elitist parties throughout Europe have shown, millions have declared their contempt for the elite of “liberal” intellectuals, apparatchiks and career bureaucrats who have dominated the political scene throughout Europe and the States since the second world war. People have lost patience with the elite’s culture of entitlement and thrown them out.

Naturally, George Carey is already being excoriated by members of the political establishment and by the left-liberal sections of the media from which they draw their support.

Members of this establishment can barely contain their rage over the fact that both here and in the US they are effectually being disestablished.

The EU has not published audited accounts for twenty years [/pullquote] Contrast George Carey’s refreshing statement with speeches by Justin Welby in recent months. Welby urged us to vote Remain in the EU referendum, assuring us that there is nothing in Christianity in general or the Church of England’s doctrines in particular to disapprove of the EU. Thus he showed his ignorance of The Thirty-nine Articles which are central to the constitution of the Church of England and to which Welby himself was obliged to give his assent upon the occasions of his ordination and consecration. Article 37 says, “The Queen’s Majesty hath the chief power in this realm of England.”

Not under EU rules, she doesn’t: for the EU works consistently for the abolition of the nation state.

Consider: the ruling EU Commission is unelected, a self-appointed, self-perpetuating privileged committee of commissars; in effect a politburo. They are entirely unaccountable to the European electorates. The EU has not published audited accounts for twenty years, so we have no idea how much of our money they are spending or indeed of what they are spending it upon then there is the small matter of Welby’s having sworn the Oath of Allegiance to her Majesty. In better days, he would have been put in the Tower for airing such views.

But then Welby thinks himself enlightened and progressive, as all members of the left-liberal establishment do. He is in fact a leading representative of that arrogant culture of entitlement, of career bureaucrats and operators of the management cult of ordered decline:  that failed establishment which the people have belatedly rejected.

Welby has condemned both Trump and anti-EU, anti-immigration “populism” as “belonging to the fascist tradition in politics.”

And nobody laughs!

I’ll leave Trump out of this for the time being – at least for long enough for us to discern his political direction. But to condemn fascism while supporting our membership of the EU is a species of doublethink of which George Orwell would have been proud:

Consider: the ruling EU Commission is unelected, a self-appointed, self-perpetuating privileged committee of commissars; in effect a politburo. They are entirely unaccountable to the European electorates. The EU has not published audited accounts for twenty years, so we have no idea how much of our money they are spending or indeed of what they are spending it upon. There is no democratic process in the EU for the making of policy. The so-called EU parliament is a rubber stamp for the Commission. Thousands of new rules and laws are made every year and then imposed on the member states. Effectually, the EU governs by decree and diktat.

Is there a word for this? I say there is, and the word is “fascist.”

Well said, George! Is there the chance you might stage a comeback?

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2 Comments on Leading Archbishop endorses Trump

  1. I cannot tell you how touched I was to learn that Archbishop Carey is so concerned at the condition of the US working class. What sympathy, what empathy, what a caring man! I felt a tear in my eyes!
    Meanwhile back in reality I would like to ask Archbishop Carey what his opinion is of the wholesale human trafficking of British working class children through various religious “children’s care societies”, that only ended in 1978, at which time the religions involved (primarily Anglican and Catholics) had been cheerleading the mass importation of brown people into Britain for 30 years!
    It is impossible to know the correct number but it seems that approximately 500,000 working class children, some as young as 3, were trafficked to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other places, where many were ruthlessly exploited for sex and labor. This apparently went on over at least 80 years or so but may have started much earlier with forced transport to the Territory of Virginia, but it is difficult to find any accurate details because, unsurprisingly, the guilty parties don’t want the truth to be told.
    This issue has been obliquely addressed in the sex assault enquiry, although a scandal this huge surely merits its own enquiry. Probably not going to happen in England though, where Lord Denning’s legalism “Appalling Vista” will surely apply; “where the truth is damaging to the establishment, the truth must be suppressed”. There are hardly any truths more appalling than this trade in helpless, unprotected and profoundly vulnerable children. Interesting also that all were working class, no middle or upper class children were offered these wonderful opportunities. You might wonder how supposedly moral “Christian” men could treat their fellow citizens so callously, but then the working class are not “fellow citizens” are they? We are livestock, suitable only for menial tasks in the service of our betters, if this sounds bitter what else am I supposed to make of the history?
    For me this is a little personal in that until I emigrated to Canada I had no knowledge of this trade but we very soon met and befriended many who were directly involved. It is estimated that about 18% of the white English speaking population of Canada are either Barnados children themselves or are descended from them, this is millions. Also if my Mother had actually carried out her threat to leave my Father I might myself have ended up in one of the “care homes” and been traded out to a mine in the Gibbo or a farm in Saskatchewan.
    So back to the point: “The Queen’s Majesty hath the chief power in this realm of England”. In other words it is entirely satisfactory that the highest political office in the land be held by someone, accurately described by Sean Gabb as “Elizabeth the Useless”, shortly to be succeeded by what can only described as an imbecile.
    The period of Britain’s membership of the EU is probably the only time in modern history that Britain has been managed by a dedicated and professional governing body. The so called “regulations” that you complain about are mostly from bodies outside the EU such as the WTO, they are passed to member states though the EU and are thus confused as “EU regulations”. Britain will have to comply with all these and more as it seeks to trade with the EU and other entities and it will have to maintain a huge bureaucracy to translate and enforce them .
    The economic damage from this idiotic “Leave” vote will be at least dire and probably catastrophic, as in; take a look at Venezuela.
    Do you get as exorcised about Westminster/Whitehall wasting money as you are apparently about the EU? What “audited accounts” does W/W issue? They give hundreds of millions of pounds annually in aid to Pakistan and India, both of whom are nuclear powers and India has its own space exploration program; why then do they need aid from Britain?
    Britain had a chance to affirm its position as a leading European state, instead it has only confirmed its reputation as an untrustworthy, unreliable partner driven by xenophobia and ignorance.
    It was not the EU that welcomed 20 million brown skins into Britain, that was all W/W. You people had a chance to shed the worthless W/W upper class clique, instead you have confirmed and reinforced their power. As for “authoritarian and totalitarian”, ask Tommy about that, he can explain in detail what a thug state England actually is.

  2. Well they can’t really be characterised as fascists, they do not yet have blackshirts or Gestapo-like secret police. Authoritarian or totalitarian would be better words to describe the EU.