Trump is lured into support of ISIS.

Whoever mounted the Sarin gas attack in Syria has achieved every single objective ISIS can ever have wished for. Each absolutely contrary to the interests, even the survival of the Assad regime.

1.The Russians have suspended the inter airforce agreement between themselves and the allies, making the danger of a collision between a Russian jet and and an Allied jet so great the Allies will have to suspend or limit their bombing of ISIS.

2.Since the gas attacks western public pressure makes it more and more likely that Bashar Assad’s regime will have to give way to the farce of a ‘democratic’ election. As the Arabs have had no success whatsoever with democracy, they have to be governed by dictators or monarchies, following such an election Syria will quickly become a failed state which ISIS will exploit as it has done in Libya.

3. Trump is a vain man and the public approval he has so far reaped for his token attack (at the cost of 59 Cruise Missiles at $100,000 apiece with no Syrian planes destroyed) will tempt him into more foolish adventures in the Middle East from which ISIS can only benefit.

4. Who might have loaded the Sarin into the bombs? Its a long way from Bashar Assad’s bunker to the bomb bay of a MIG fighter. The other possibility is that the Sarin was planted in the area where Syrian bombers were operating. It would be only a matter of time before a bomb hit the containers. There may be more !

Whodunnit? My candidates are. ISIS operatives inside Assad’s airforce, Islamist forces operating below the area being bombed, or perhaps the Russians are thinking of getting rid of Assad and replacing him with a more malleable puppet.

The very last person to have ordered this is Assad himself.

And of course there is always the possibility – that so far only exists in the troubled dreams of the average jihadist psychotic – of an accidental nuclear exchange between the Russians and the West. We are all going to heaven!


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    • Wasn’t President Trumpery going to drain the swamp? It seems as if he’s becoming one of its creatures.

      You can tell something odd is occurring when a columnist from the London Evening Standard writes that, though he despises Trump, he supports his change of strategy in Syria.

      As for the German colony, if Wilhelmina Germany had dominated central Europe and had been able to hold onto a dismantled Russian Empire after 1917, all subsequent history would have been different. Not only that but the Kaiser’s Germany had more style than the EU.

  1. What absurd bombast ! Die by the thousands ? Thats not many. How will you pick them out, blue paint on their faces ? The whole of the ME is alive with every rank of fanatic. Nuke them all? Trump is as chained by the Washington establishment as Prometheus to his rock and they are already playing with him. By the way what happened to the 13 million illegal immigrants Trump was going to deport? Was it you I recollect were quite keen on that. That would be 28,000 airliners to carry them all, and you have to get permission of the countries you intend to deport them to accept them, or will John Wayne burst out of the aircraft shooting down the customs and immigration officers?

    • The 13 million (more like 30 million) are already leaving in droves. Border crossings into the US are at a multi decade low while crossings back to Mexico are at all time highs. I can tell you from personal observation there are noticeably fewer Mexican construction workers now than 6 months ago.
      If any country won’t take it’s citizens back there are legal remedies that the US can take, starting with denial of any visas to that country, including diplomatic and business, escalating to currency restrictions to instituting a trade embargo. Ultimately of course we could just temporarily invade the dumps, give them their shite back then withdraw.
      Incidentally without the John Wayne types you lot would be a German colony now.

  2. Pushing up daisies? Yes like the North Vietnamese, they crossed Uncle Sam, and the Iraqi’s suicide fighters did the same, and the US had to pull out – humiliatingly in the case of N Vietnam. Trump strikes me as a weak and shallow man taken in by a superb piece of disinformation (the Sarin gas attacks) and as a result has been manipulated into doing exactly the opposite of what he said he would do, keeping the US out of the Middle East, and on top of it handing a huge advantage to ISIS.

    • The war in Vietnam was a terrible error on the part of the US, that is incontrovertibly true, however for 58,315 of ours, we got about 3.5 million of them, so plenty of daisy pushing. Pres. Trump strikes you as a “weak and shallow man”, I think you are projecting.
      Huge advantage to ISIS? We haven’t even started with those bastards, but when we do they are going to die by the thousands.
      The US cannot keep out of the ME, we have to babysit your worthless backsides, you won’t defend yourselves will you?

  3. Whether ISIS or Assad committed this gassing atrocity is of no consequence. This raid was a demonstration; to the Russians and more particularly to the Chinese, that they must understand that the magic negro is no longer in the White House. The free hand these thug states have enjoyed for the last 8 years is over. China will not be allowed to close the South China Sea to US warships, President Xi is now in no doubt that US interests will be defended and US rights enforced, that is why President Trump had the raids go down while he was having dinner with Xi.
    It is interesting that President Trump gave warning to both Syrians and Russians, thus ensuring that there were no casualties. The airfield is probably back in full operation now as the runways were deliberately not targeted.
    President Trump has more important things on his mind right now than ISIS, which is much more more of a threat to gutless Europeans than it is to the US. When he has cleared his desk a bit he will get to ISIS and believe me they will feel pain!
    Meanwhile you European fops are hiding under your beds, quaking with fear that your few remaining years of civilization will be cut short by a nuclear war.
    Clear message from President Trump to President Xi; control North Korea or we will!

      • There seems to be some confusion between your first comment and your second. Look, I don’t know whether Kim is a harmless clown prancing around playing the big guy or whether he is a “certifiable lunatic” as you claim he is. What is true is that NK has some nuclear weapons and a delivery system that certainly could hit SK, Japan and he has threatened US West coast cities. What is also true is that he has been encouraged and supported in this madness by China. The Chinese have kept NK afloat with shipments of food and fuel, they say to prevent a humanitarian disaster and a massive flood of refugees into China. The real reason is that NK has been useful to China in stirring up instability amongst the nominally democratic/capitalist in SE Asia, particularly SK and Japan, both strong US allies, this has distracted attention from the ruthlessly mercantilist and expansionary policies China has pursued.
        That is changing now, Pres. Trump has told China that this situation is going to be solved, militarily if necessary. Sec State Tillerson has been very clear that the chinwagging is at an end and action will be taken.
        This serves as a warning to every jumped up 3rd world jackass dictator; behave yourselves and don’t cross Uncle Sam, if you do then very quickly you will be pushing up daisies.

  4. Miles, your last comment is, I think, not a likely outcome. Cuba was one thing, this is quite another. I do agree that Trump’s actions were erroneous, and will help nothing – firstly because there is no evidence, or likelihood, of Assad being involved in the gas attack. I still think we have taken our eyes off the most likely place for nuclear conflagration, and that is North Korea – where the man in charge is a certifiable lunatic, whose regime has successfully brainwashed not only most of the population, but also the men in charge of the weapons.

    • Unfortunately there are other actors in this tragedy, the European left. One of their delusions is that there is a rational Arab Middle Class longing to vote in local and state elections. Nobody in the Middle East believes in any form of democracy except the democracy of extreme violence. The left also knows that when Syria becomes a failed state following democratic elections the number of refugees entering Europe will increase, which they want to see happen in order to destroy our present social structures.